[Download] Moto G7 Play finally gets Android 10 OTA update

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Moto G7 Play gets Android 10 OTA update download now!

Earlier last month, we reported that the regular Moto G7 along with the Moto G7 Plus have already started receiving Android 10 OTA update across the globe in phased manner. Some regions are yet to receive it yet. However, you can simply grab the full stock firmware from our previous post and flash it onto your decide right away. We also reported that the other variants in the G7 series, that is, the G7 Play and G7 Power will soon start receiving the same. While the G7 Power is close to receiving it, here is the Android 10 OTA update for the Moto G7 Play.

Today, a Reddit user u/Scpz_Jay (living in the United States) got a notification on his/her Moto G7 Play device for and upgrade to Android 10. However for some reason, the OTA notification appeared in Spanish despite the language set to US English. It features Android 10 and all of its goodies with newer 2020 security patch level; don’t know which one in particular. It also comes with a new firmware build number QPY30.52-22.

Android 10 Moto G7 Play min

Upon direct translation using Google translate, the update features:

Android is much safer and easier to use than before. Get to know the new navigation with gestures, the dark theme for the whole system and enjoy better control of notifications with suggested actions and mute groups. You also have more control of privacy and security to guarantee that your data is always protected.

So basically it features all the Android 10 goodies including dark mode or theme, new gesture navigation system, enhanced privacy and location control, notification customization, etc. This may very well be the last Android update that the Moto G7 series may see. So make the most of it.

Download Android 10 for Moto G7 Play

Here you will find the Moto G7 Play’s Android 10 full update or the full stock firmware. Search for the codename “channel” and your specific region. You will get it.


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    Unfortunately nothing for AT&T. Does anyone know if I can flash a stock unlocked phone rom on my AT&T phone?

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