Moto G7 series Android 10 OTA update [Moto G7, G7+, G7 Play/Power]

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Moto G7 series Android 10 update

The regular Moto G7 is now finally receiving the latest Android 10 OTA update starting today. The Moto G7 Plus have already received Android 10 update a while ago and gradually rolling out in phases across the globe. It came as a surprise when a Reddit user (source below) from Germany got a notification on his/her’s vanilla Moto G7 reteu2 variant. Mind you this is the regular G7 and not the Plus or Power or Play.

The latest Moto G7 OTA update features Android 10 and all of its goodies with newer April 2020 security patch level. This is the same update that the Moto G7 Plus received back in February 2020 except for the latest security patch level. As for the regular G7, the OTA comes with a new firmware build number QPU30.52-16-2.

Here is the screenshot for the Moto G7 Android 10:

Moto G7 series Android 10 OTA update

The Moto G7 Plus has already started receiving the Android 10 OTA update with build number QPU30.61-21. This comes to almost every region including Asia, Europe, and North America. You can download the full stock firmware from below.

Moto G7 Plus Android 10 OTA update

As for the Moto G7 Power, the device is currently under beta testing for Android 10. For Moto, the soak test comes with build number QPY30.71 for model xt1952-4 RETUS.

Here is the screenshot for Moto G7 Power Android 10 soak test:

Moto G7 Power Android 10

Finally, for the Moto G7 Play available mostly in the United States, there is no news for the Android 10 update as of now. However, some carrier variants should be receiving the latest OTA on the G7 Play.

Download Android 10 for Moto G7 series

Following are the full stock firmware downloads for the Moto G7 series.

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