Original: Xiaomi is currently testing their latest Android skin called MIUI 12. Soon after the new firmware update was revealed, it quickly became popular due to its stunning new UX or user interface, icons, wallpapers, and a range of new features. Some of the most exciting features from MIUI 12 are Dark Mode 2.0, Super Wallpapers, enhanced privacy protection and tools, new gestures, new animations, Always on Display, and much more. Later, we also posted the list of smartphones eligible for MIUI 12 along with a complete list of features (listed below). We later posted about the MIUI 12 firmware or ROM download links as well. After 3 beta builds, here are the MIUI 12 beta 4 update from May 2020 for Xiaomi Redmi and Mi devices.

Today, we are receiving a new MIUI 12 beta 4 update from May 2020 for a number of Xiaomi smartphones. While we don’t know what new features the update brings to the plate, it is expected to bring bug fixes, stability, and performance improvements to the system. The first batch came right after the launch. Currently, we have the MIUI 12 beta 4 download links for 18 Xiaomi Redmi and Mi phones including the flagships Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Note 7, Note 5, Redmi K20 Pro, Poco X2, and an unofficial port for Poco F1 as well. More to come. So stay tuned!

MIUI 12 brings some of the stunning features including Dark Mode 2.0, Super Wallpapers, enhanced privacy protection and tools, new navigation gestures, new animations. You can checkout all the MIUI 12 features and the list of Xiaomi devices to receive the global stable ROM from here. We also have the MIUI 12 stock wallpapers and Super wallpapers available for download.

MIUI 12 final beta OTA download links for all Xiaomi phones

Here are all the available MIUI 12 ROMS final beta for Xiaomi Redmi and Mi devices. While these are Recovery ROMS so you can only install it using MIUI updater app or stock recovery method if you are a beta registered users. Unfortunately, the registration is closed for now. More updates will be added soon. So stay tuned!

As the MIUI 12 first introduced in China, naturally these are China closed beta ROMS and not global stable ROMS. However, you can install the following ROMS onto your global Redmi and Mi variants via TWRP recovery.

Download final beta:

Previous Beta

Sr. No. Xiaomi device and Codename Android Version Download Links (20.5.18)
1. Redmi Note 8 Pro (begonia) Android 10 Download
2. Mi 9 (cepheus) Android 10 Download
3. Mi Mix 2 (chiron) Android 9 Download
4. Mi 10 Pro (cmi) Android 10
5. Mi 9 Pro 5G (crux) Android 10 Download
6. Redmi K20/Mi 9T (davinci) Android 10 Download
7. Mi 8 (dipper) Android 10 Download
8. Mi 8 Pro (equuleus) Android 10 Download
9. Mi 9 SE (grus) Android 10 Download
10. Mi Note 3 (jason) Android 9 Download
11. Redmi Note 7/7S (lavender) Android 10
12. Mi CC9e (laurus) Android 10
13. Redmi K30 Pro (lmi) Android 10
14. Mi Max 3 (nitrogen) Android 10
15. Mi Mix 3 (perseus) Android 10 Download
16. Redmi K30 5G (picasso) Android 10 Download
17. Mi 8 Lite (platina) Android 10 Download
18. POCO X2/Redmi K30 4G (phoenix) Android 10 Download
19. Mi Mix 2S (polaris) Android 10 Download
20. Mi 9 Lite/Mi CC9 (pyxis) Android 10 Download
21. Redmi K20 Pro/Mi 9T Pro (raphael) Android 10 Download
22. Mi 6 (sagit) Android 9 Download
23. Mi 8 SE (sirius) Android 10 Download
24. Mi Note 10/Mi CC9 Pro (tucana) Android 10 Download
25. Mi 10 (umi) Android 10
26. Mi 8 Explorer Edition (ursa) Android 10 Download
27. Mi CC9 Meitu Edition (vela) Android 10 Download
28. Redmi Note 7 Pro (violet) Android 10
29. Mi 6X (wayne) Android 9 Download
30. Redmi Note 5/Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred) Android 9 Download

Installation Update:
You need a custom TWRP recovery installed on your Android device to flash the above MIUI 12 ROMS. Here is a tutorial on how to install using TWRP recovery: Download and Install MIUI 12 for Xiaomi Poco F1. You will find Unlocking Bootloader tutorial and latest TWRP recovery in the post.

Tips for TWRP recovery users:

  • Download the MIUI 12 ROM onto PC
  • Extract the ROM
  • Go to the MIUI 12 ROM folder > META-INF > com > google > android
  • Launch updater-script file using NotePad++
  • Edit the first line with getprop (product device) and add device country code in the name
  • For instance, if the device name is “davinci”, add “davinciin”. “in” is the region id for India
  • Similarly, you can find out your country’s region ID and add to it
  • Compress or archive the ROM with zip
  • Flash via TWRP recovery
  • You may also like Google Installer APK

For stock recovery method: While these are Recovery ROMs, you need to register as a beta users via Mi Community app. You can also look for WeChat bypass tutorials in order to get into the beta registration for MIUI 12 ROM. Then proceed with for the following steps.

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