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Disney+ APK download

Lately, people have been consuming more and more online content than ever due to lockdown happening globally. Online movies and TV Streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, and more are booming. It just so happens that the pandemic happened during the same period Disney launched their brand new Disney+ streaming service. Thus far, the streaming service has gained over 15 million subscribers around the world. Moreover, we have also seen a number of updates to the Disney+ app featuring compatibility for various Android devices including smartphones, tablets Android TV, Android Box, and more. Today, Disney updated released a new Disney+ v1.5.1 APK, which is now available for download.

The latest Disney+ v1.5.1 APK is expected to fix some critical bug, bring about stability improvements and optimizations. You see, the problem is that the Android ecosystem is extremely large. There are many smartphones, TVs, Android Boxes, and tablets with with different DPIs, screen resolutions, aspect ratios, and Android versions. Not to mention the custom Android skins from various OEM manufacturers like Samsung’s One UI 2.1, OnePlus’ Oxygen OS 10, Xiaomi’s MIUI 12, and the stock one from Google Pixel. So supporting all of these devices means more updates.

There is a simple solution for all this. For installing the same Disney+ app across the Android platform, we need configuration files. Disney+ app doesn’t feature as a standalone app. Instead, it comes in 3 different packages – a base Disney+ APK and two supporting config files. Compiling these 3 files via Split Installer will assure compatibility for any Android device.

Also, checkout:

Download latest Disney+ APK v1.5.1

The latest version of Disney+ APK v1.5.1 supports and should run on all CPU architectures including armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64 and various operating systems like Android 10, 9.0 Pie, 8.1/8.0 Oreo, 7.0, 6.0, 5.0. It is highly recommended to update the app to Disney+ v1.5.1 across Android devices like smartphones, TVs, smart Box, and more.

Method 1: Download Disney+ via Play Store

If your device is compatible, then try installing the app directly from Play Store. You will get the complete package. Alternatively, if the Play Store says that “This app isn’t compatible with your device”, then download the APK from below and install using an app called Split Installer.

Method 2: Download Disney+ APK bundle

The Disney+ service for Android isn’t a standalone app. It comes in 3 packages – a base app and two more supporting config APK files. You will need to combine these apps to install the Disney+ streaming services on your devices.

Latest downloads v1.5.1 English language comes in 3 files namely:


You will also need Split Installer:

How to install latest Disney+ 1.5.1+ APK on any Android device?

It is recommended that you try the Play Store link first. See if the Disney+ app is compatible with your device on the Play Store and the streaming service is available in your country or region. If both the conditions are met, then you don’t have to worry about the method listed below.

However, if the Disney+ streaming service isn’t available in you region or throws an error like this app is incompatibility with your device, then follow the instructions from the post below for the English language bundle only.

Updated Latest downloads: Disney+ v1.5.1 in all languages

Here is the latest Disney+ APK bundle in all languages. There are currently 14 languages supported. Latest Disney+ v1.4.2 APK is now available in all languages including ar, de, en, es, fr, hi, in, it, ja, ms, nl, pt, ru, zh.

Thanks to APK Mirror for the all package links. For the all language packages, download the APKMirror Installer from our previous post Disney+ v1.4.2 all languages downloads.

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  1. ALCA Avatar

    Hi, I installed the APK on my incompatible device and it finally is the only apk in the whole web that works!
    unfortunately the audio of the films are only in English (ver. audio description) and I would like to be able to edit it. can you help me?

    1. AndroidSage Avatar

      Hi, can you try this latest Disney+ v1.6.0 version? It has multiple languages. There’s also a new app manager app that you can use to install it:

      1. ALCA Avatar

        i try to install new version, but i can listen only audio with writing (audio description). when I choose the film and click on audio, I only hear the audio with the wording audio description. es. English (audio description) .

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