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How to Install Android 9 Pie for Xiaomi Mi Box S OTA update download

One of the most popular Android TV boxes from Xiaomi started receiving the latest Android 9 Pie update just last month. Yes, the official Android 9 Pie beta program has been live for the Mi Box S across the globe for quite some time now. Today, the third iteration of the Android 9 update just popped up on some Mi Box S devices. The OTA update is is also available for download directly from Android’s repository. It is the full OTA update zip consisting of Android 9 Pie which can easily be sideloaded onto Mi Box S via stock recovery.

Apparently, Xiaomi skipped the beta 2 update for the Mi Box S and directly jumped to the Beta 3. That’s alright, following is the full OTA update zip and if you are on the previous beta 1 (Android 9 Pie), you can easily install the latest one using the same procedure from our posts earlier. The Android 9 Pie update already brought support for the Amazon Prime Video app for the Mi Box S. According to update log provided by users, Mi Box comes with Prime Video app pre-installed. If not, you can always install it from Play Store. The Mi Box S now also supports reading and writing over USB, new settings menu user interface (similar to other Pie devices), USB audio, new UI for volume keys, a screenshot shortcut, and more.

The only changelog you will see in the beta 3 is the improved system stability. That’s all the manufacturer listed on the beta 3 update log screen. So we can expect this to be the final Android 9 Pie update for the Mi Box S as there is no need for further improvements. So the next one may very well be the stable update. Stay tuned as we will list the OTA download link for the stable Pie build as well. You can now also enjoy the popular streaming services on the Mi Box S like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now, YouTube, and the newly added Disney+ app.

Mi Box S Android 9 Pie update

Here is the complete changelog for the Mi Bx S Android 9 Pie update:

Beta 3:

  • Improved system stability

Beta 1:

  • Reading and writing via USB
  • New settings menu interface
  • Audio via USB
  • Special access for apps, such as overlap
  • Amazon Prime video as system app
  • New interface when pressing the volume button
  • Screenshot while holding on / off button pressed
  • Options to manually select audio formats, such as Dolby Digital plus and AAC
  • Fixed frontal light automatically on/off after suspend.
  • Fixed system language change automatically
  • Integrated the latest GTVS.

Download Mi Box S Android 9 Pie beta 3 OTA update

Here we have listed the Android 9 Pie beta OTA update zips for the Xiaomi Mi Box S captured by users. So if your device is not already into the beta program, you will need to manually install the OTA zip via recovery mode. There are two OTA updates. Xiaomi released 2 consecutive Android 9 Pie OTA updates for the. It is recommended to update to the latest Android 9 Pie update from 8.1 Oreo. The OTA comes in a huge package of 625 MB in size.

Download Android 9 Pie:

Restore Android 8.1 Oreo stable version from 9 Pie:

Note: There is no known procedure to revert or downgrade back to Android 8.1 Oreo. So be sure before you make a decision. We will keep this post updated with more beta and stable updates. So stay tuned!

How to update Mi Box S to Android 9 Pie OTA manually?

As the update is not official stable version, you will need to manually update your Mi Box S to 9 Pie. You will need to reboot Mi Box into recovery mode and choose the option of apply updates from storage or SD card. Select the file and install. This is standard update protocol for most of the Android devices.

Warning: This is ONLY for the Mi Box S, do not attempt to install on the original Mi Box.

Step 1: Preparation

  • Download the latest Android 9 Pie beta build from the download section above to PC.
  • Rename the update file to
  • Transfer the update file to a USB drive formatted to FAT32.
  • Now, connect the USB drive to the Mi Box S.
  • Reboot Mi box to recovery mode.

Step 2: Reboot into recovery mode on your Mi Box S

  • Turn off Mi Box S completely.
  • Turn on Mi box while pressing the BACK key and OK key on remote.
  • To do so, put the remote as close as possible to the device, press and hold “center” key and “back”key at the same time, and connect the Mi Box S to the power outlet.
  • Wait for the Mi Box S to enter into recovery mode.

Step 3: Installation of Android 9 Pie

  • If your device is on the stable Oreo update, then it is recommended to factory reset your Mi Box. If already on Pie beta, then skip the reset part.
  • Select the option “Wipe data/factory reset” and then “Wipe cache partition”.
  • Now, select “Apply update from EXT” and then select “Update from udisk”.
  • Wait for the installation to complete.
  • Once done, select “Reboot system now”.

Thanks to Telegram group Mi Box S for the download links

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18 responses

  1. Paulo Victor Avatar
    Paulo Victor

    Will I still get updates doing this?

    1. AndroidSage Avatar

      You will have to manually update to stable version using the same procedure. We will update the stable downloads as well; once available. Or you could just wait for the stable update now until Xiaomi releases it.

  2. karim Avatar


    a problem updating to beta 3:
    I had succeeded, 2 weeks ago to inject the beta 2 but now impossible to put the xiaomi box tv s in recovery mode to put the beta 3.

    1. Yuma Avatar

      Make sure the USB drive is plugged in your Mi Box S before trying to reboot into recovery mode.

  3. ZmisiS Avatar

    I installed Beta 3 and it is O.K.

  4. Mirek Avatar

    I have still problem with BT speaker (JBL Flip5) – is pairing but no play 🙁
    I mean, if is fresh pairing – they play. But when I turn off the MiBox and turn it on, they are still paired but do not play. I have to remove them and pairing again. And so again and again …

  5. Krzysztof Orłowski Avatar
    Krzysztof Orłowski

    And I’m curious when the Netflix image chopping will be fixed. Mi BOX S runs smoothly 1-2 days until the Netfix image starts to vibrate every 4 seconds. After rebooting for 1-2 days it is good and the picture tugs again. This is not the fault of WiFi because I have a very fast internet connection with a USB LAN cable (WiFi is the same). A lot of users write about it but the problem has long been unsolved. I didn’t notice it in other applications. Mi BOX is NETFLIX certified but cannot properly handle it.

  6. danko Inc Avatar
    danko Inc

    i have a problem with put mi s box in recovery mode. Can someone please identify the the back button and the center button? is the back with u-turn arrow? and the center is the center of 2 circles button? a pictures is greatly appreciated.


      1. danko Inc Avatar
        danko Inc

        Thanks George! I thought I have the wrong buttons, but I got it right. S
        omehow it still doesnt work for me. I try it like 20 times, with 3 different USB and still doesnt work for me. :(. Any suggestions?

        1. Krzysztof Orłowski Avatar
          Krzysztof Orłowski

          The pilot must be very close. Disconnect the USB stick or other USB devices before starting recovery mode. You will connect them once recovery mode starts.

          1. danko Inc Avatar
            danko Inc

            Do you have the USB plug in first when press OK and Return buttons and insert power?
            Thanks Krzysztof

          2. Krzysztof Orłowski Avatar
            Krzysztof Orłowski

            insert the pendrive only after recovery mode is ready

          3. danko Inc Avatar
            danko Inc

            Finally got one of my old Mi S worked. I new one I just purchased will not do the recovery. Maybe it is still have a 8.1 old software. I will update to the latest software OTA and try to put in recovery mode again to see if it work.

  7. Jaroslav Dopirak Avatar
    Jaroslav Dopirak

    Hello, i have installed 9 Beta 3 but i want go back to factory 8.1, i have downloaded 8.1 from link above, but this zip file is corrupted. When i try install it from recovery it stop with error:

    failed to update oem image
    error in/udisk/ (status 7)
    installation aborted

    I need 8.1, please do you have another link?
    Thank you

    1. George Avatar

      You cannot go back. To downgrade you need to open mi box and by that method serial number will be lost and Netflix and Chromecast won’t work

  8. Tomasz Niemiec Avatar
    Tomasz Niemiec

    I have problem with instalation. Look at the picture:
    Any sugestion?

  9. suquet.paul Avatar

    Installed on mine. It bootlooped for about 10 – 15 minutes; so I went back. Unplugged, back to recovery mode, factory reset, wipe cache, install update, turn off. Leave it alone for a few seconds, unplug, plug it back.

    It took slightly over 5 minutes and it eventually booted right up to the start up screen.

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