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Google released the latest Android 10 update for the Pixel series a couple of month ago along with the latest AOSP source code. Android, being an open source operating system, the AOSP source code is available publicly. Third-party smartphone manufacturers use this source code to build the latest Android ROM for their Android phones, smart TVS, Smart Box, and more. This also includes independent custom ROM developers like the popular Lineage OS, Pixel Experience, Havoc OS, Nitrogen OS, and more. Most of the custom ROMS do not come with Google Apps pre-installed. So here are the latest Gapps for Android 10 custom ROMS available for download.

Gapps are very important when it comes to custom ROMS; especially when the development for the latest Android 10 firmware begins with custom ROMS like Lineage OS 17, Resurrection Remix 8+, Paranoid Android, Pixel Experience 10, etc. dropping for many Android devices. Many of these custom ROMS are independent of the Google Apps (Gapps) and void of all the Google apps and services. This is when the Gapps or most commonly know as Open Gapps packages come in handy. Flashing the latest Gapps for Android 10 over your existing custom ROMS will enable all the Google apps and services like the Play Store, Play Services, Google search, Maps Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, and more.

In the download section below, you will find the latest Gapps for Android 10 based custom ROMS or stock based ROMS from the popular developers of Open Gapps and BiTGApps. It comes in various packages like stock, full, super, mini, micro, pico, etc. The Open Gapps stock packages will give you most of the Google apps and services you need. Whereas, the pico is the bare minimum required for Google apps and services to run. Check the package size and download accordingly.

GApps packages basically consists of the following Google apps and services including and not limited to:

– Google App
– ‎Google Framework
– ‎Google Core Apps
– ‎Google Play Services
– ‎Google Phone
– ‎Google Contacts
– ‎Google Calculator
– ‎Google Play Music
– ‎Google Play Games
– ‎YouTube
– ‎Google Drive
– ‎Google Calendar
– ‎Google Chrome
– ‎Google Duo
– ‎GBoard
– ‎Google Maps
– ‎Google TTS
– ‎Google Photos
– ‎Google Messages
– ‎Gmail
– ‎Google Assistant
– Google Lens
– Google Clock
– ‎Pixel Launcher
– ‎Google Play Store

Download Gapps for Android 10: Latest Google Apps package for Custom ROMS

Some of the Android 10 Gapps package listed below are beta builds. We will list the official builds once they are available. The Open Gapps packages have been tested working on various custom ROMS like Arrow OS, Pixel Experience, Lineage OS, and more by many developers and users.

Stable Open Gapps for Android 10 will soon be available for download. So stay tuned!

Download Open Gapps for Android 10 arm, arm64, x86:

Open Gapps have been around for a long time now. So the Open Gapps project can be trusted and compatible with many custom ROMS. Here are the OpenGapps for Android 10 ROMS (SDK29). You also get the option for Android TV as well.

Download BiTGApps for Android 10 (ARM64 & ARM):

Here are more Gapps for ARM64 from BiTGApps.

How to install? Simply flash the Gapps after you have flashed the Android 10 based custom ROM.

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