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Update: Stable official Open Gapps now available for download for Android 9 Pie. Google Apps (Gapps) play a critical part in any Android development. Not just for developers, but also heavy Android users who like to tweak or flash different custom ROMS. Generally, custom ROMS do not come with Gapps. Same goes for the vanilla AOSP ROM. We know that Android 9 Pie was officially announced yesterday. So in case you need, download the latest Gapps for Android 9 Pie here.

Gapps for Android 9 Pie may not seem very useful right now. However, as Android P AOSP sources are now available, custom ROM development will start any time soon. So the following Gapps may come in handy. Moreover, the Android P GSI build are also available for download. Though Android Pie semi-GSI may not need Gapps, the pure Android 9 Pie GSI may need it. So download and install the latest builds of Google apps or Gapps.

GApps packages basically consists of all the Google apps and services APK files including and not limited to:

– Google App
– ‎Google Framework
– ‎Google Core Apps
– ‎Google Play Services
– ‎Google Phone
– ‎Google Contacts
– ‎Google Calculator
– ‎Google Play Music
– ‎Google Play Games
– ‎YouTube
– ‎Google Drive
– ‎Google Calendar
– ‎Google Chrome
– ‎Google Duo
– ‎GBoard
– ‎Google Maps
– ‎Google TTS
– ‎Google Photos
– ‎Google Messages
– ‎Gmail
– ‎Google Assistant
– Google Lens
– Google Clock
– ‎Pixel Launcher
– ‎Google Play Store

Download Gapps for Android 9 Pie: Install latest Google Apps

Here are the latest Open Gapps or Google Apps stable official builds for all the Android 9 Pie custom ROMS, Android 9 GSI (Pure) (generic system image) and more. We will keep updating this post as we get more such Gapps packages. St stay tuned.

Moreover, you will also find the Gapps for Android TV with arm, arm64, x86 architecture as well. There are many Open Gapps variants like micro, mini, pico, regular, etc. The bigger the package, the more Google Apps it comes with. Pico is the very basic build consisting of Google Play Services and Play Store. Whereas, the stock build will give you all the necessary Google Apps.

Open Gapps can be used for Android 9 Pie based custom ROMS like Lineage OS 16, Resurrection Remix 7.0, Pixel Experience. The custom ROMS are independent of the Google Apps and services. Hence, you will need to flash Gapps additionally via TWRP recovery.

Download Open Gapps for Android 9 Pie arm, arm64, x86, x86_64 (official stable)

Following are the first builds of (unofficial) Open Gapps builds for Android 9 Pie for the arm, arm64 devices.

Direct download links: (stock)

Direct download links: (pico)

Full Open Gapps downloads repository: (sourceforge)

Full Open Gapps downloads repository: (opengapps org)

Download Gapps for Android TV

Direct download links for the latest Android TV with arm, arm64, and x86 architecture.

Official Android 8.1/8.0 Oreo Gapps:

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