Download Oxygen OS Launcher Mod with latest OnePlus 7 Launcher

As we know, OnePlus released latest Android Q beta 3 for various flagship phones for the past 2 generations. These phones include OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and the OnePlus 6 or 6T. The latest firmware update features all the latest OnePlus apps, revamped user interface, new features, and of course the Android Q goodies from Google’s beta 3. Now, the Android Q firmware may not be based on Oxygen OS 10, but the manufacturer is sure testing out some new Oxygen OS 10 designs that will most likely come to the next Android Q version.

Just recently OnePlus conducted a contest for design recommendations for the next Oxygen OS version 10. Later, Tijink from the contest was invited to OnePlus’ headquarters in Shenzhen for presenting his designs to the OnePlus team. He presented  with several user interface designs for various OnePlus stock apps like the launcher, messages, notes, gallery, calendar apps, etc. along with some suggestions for the setup process, ambient display (AOD),etc. His Oxygen OS 10 designs may be implemented in the upcoming Android builds sooner than we expect. Here is a glimpse of the newly designed OnePlus launcher from the possible Oxygen OS 10.

OxygenOS 10 based on Android Q

As claimed by the designer in his post on OnePlus forums (source below), the designs should enhance the current OxygenOS interface with rounder and more minimal elements for consistency, readability, and customization. Now, it’s not confirm as to which of these designs will make it to the  Oxygen OS 10 for the OnePlus 7, Pro, 6 and 6T. but some of them sure will and here are more sceenshots for you.

OxygenOS 10 based on Android Q screenshots

Following we have the latest OnePlus apps like launcher, gallery, camera, etc from the Android 10 Q for the OnePlus 7 Pro possibly based on the Oxygen OS 10. We have the OnePlus camera that has the NightScape 2.0 from OnePlus 7 Pro, new gallery app with an improved editor, and much more. APK download all the latest Oxygen OS 10 stock apps here.

Download Oxygen OS 10 Launcher from Android Q

Android Q beta 3 is now available for download for OnePlus 6, 6T, 7, and 7 Pro. It features the latest OnePlus Launcher beta (READ NOTES) (arm64-v8a).

Warning: It broke some the launcher and system navigation on some OnePlus 7 Pro devices running Android Pie. So proceed at your own risk.

Note: Also, a possible solution for fixing this is tap on the 3 dots in the top right and select uninstall updates. Or go to Play Store > OnePlus Launcher > and uninstall the updates from there.

Download Oxygen OS 10 Camera APK from Android Q

Android Q for Oneplus 7 Pro is now available for download and that features new camera improvements. Here is the latest OnePlus Camera 3.8.1 (arm64-v8a) (Android 9.0+)

The OnePlus 7 Pro was advertised as a speed and camera phone. It has a triple camera setup at the rear and a popup selfie camera in the front. With the right software and latest camera app, you get features like NightScape 2.0, portrait mode, Pro mode, Time-lapse, Slow motion, and more.

If you get a parsing error while installing, then this is because your phone already has a OnePlus camera app installed with a similar name. You may need to change the package and then install it as a separate app. This can be done using this tutorial with a app called APK Editor.

Download OnePlus Game Space from Oxygen OS 10

OnePlus Game Space is the new and improved gaming mode available in the Android Q beta 3 and the upcoming Oxygen OS 10. This is not a new gaming mode, but instead a space for all the gaming needs and options along with the Fnatic mode. Fnatic mode came with Oxygen OS 9.5 for the OnePlus 7 Pro. The Game Space will be added to the stable version of Oxygen OS 10.

With the new and improved Game Space users can access the phone’s graphics optimization features. This also enables quick access toggle for Fnatic mode as well.

Download Oxygen OS 10 Gallery app

OnePlus Gallery app v3.4.4 is here for download from Android Q beta 3. It features a new and improved photo editor mode. So when you take a screenshot you can quickly edit it and save it. It also has the Shot on OnePlus community support. Here are some of the features of the Gallery app:

Beautiful Moments, Every Day
Manage your photos with a clear timeline, making the great days stand out all at once.

Group Your Memories
Put your best moments in a collection, making photos easy to find & share with others.

Quick & Advanced Editing
Adjust lighting, contrast, color with powerful tools and 16 innovative filters to make your photos and videos look great.

Your journey all over the world
Mark your footsteps around the world, badges for you as a traveler.

Oxygen OS 20 File Manager

The latest File manager app from Android Q is here for download. It comes with a new build number OnePlus File manager (arm64-v8a + arm). Download it and update your existing app.

Download Oxygen OS Screen Recorder

As the OnePlus 7 Pro is targeted towards speed and gaming, it is quite logical that OnePlus would bring screen recording feature to the 7 and 7 Pro. That way, users can either record their video games and later upload it to YouTube or Twitch TV. OnePlus also promised that all the Oxygen OS 10 features will be coming to older generation of devices like the OnePlus 6, 6T, 5, and 5T

Note: If you get a parsing error while installing, then this is because your previous generation OnePlus phones, this is because your device already has a OnePlus camera app installed with a similar name. You may need to change the package and then install it as a separate app. This can be done using this tutorial with a app called APK Editor.

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