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Updated: LG V30 and all of its variants like H933, H930DS, H930G, H930D, H930, V300L, V300S, and V300K can now be updated to Andorid 9 Pie beta version. Apparently, LG is now getting into the update game. The LG G7 ThinQ has already received the latest Android 9 Pie OTA update across the globe even for the carrier variants in the United States. LG V30 and V30 Plus are next u[ in line with the official Android 9.0 Pie beta firmware already available for some variants. However, the new OS is still in beta testing and available for specific variants only for now in regions like Hong Kong to be specific. You can manually update your LG V30 Plus device to Android 9 Pie using the OTA update available for download below.

The Android 9 Pie beta OTA update features a new firmware build number V29G. The OTA is for the LG V30+ specifically for the Hong Kong variant H930DS – thanks to XDA forum member jericho246 (source below) for the file. So if you can’t wait for the Android 9 Pie update to arrive officially for your device, you can just download the OTA update file from below and install it using the latest LGUP Flash Tool. However, do read the important notes before installation.

LG is currently testing the official Android 9 Pie OTA update for most of the variants of the LG V30 and V30+ This includes the LG V30 variants such as H930 (Europe); H930DS (Hong Kong); H933 (Canada); H931 (АТ&Т); H932 (T-Mobile); VS996 (Verizon); US998 (US Cellular); LS998U (Sprint). We will also list the full stock firmware files with KDZ as soon as available. So stay tuned. Here are some screenshots:

LG V30 android 9 pie screenshot LG V30 android 9 pie screenshot3 LG V30 android 9 pie screenshot2

Download LG V30+ Android 9 Pie OTA update

Following you will find the official OTA Android 9 Pie beta OTA update for the LG V30+ along with the necessary LGUP flash tool, necessary dll files, and LG drivers

You will also need:

Download for LG V30 Android 9 Pie Beta

The Android 9 Pie beta build for the LG V30 US998 is now available for download. This is an FOTA update file that comes with a .up file extension. So you will need to download the latest LGUP flash tool, select FOTA Upgrade option to and install the beta firmware. The complete file name in US99820h_00-to-US99828a_03.up.

Note: Your LG V30 should be on the US99820H to flash the US99828A stock firmware.

You will also need:

You can use this to update almost any LG V30 to Android 9 Pie including LG V30 variants like H933 H930DS H930G H930D H930 V300L V300S V300K. Just use the proper one. You can also convert one variant to another. Se notes below and source.


  • These are OTA files, not the full stock firmware (KDZ/DZ/TOT)
  • You must install file LGUP_Common_DLL_Ver_1_0_28_5.msi if not LG UP stuck 4% show :” Error 0x2000, Fail!. MTP is not running.”
  • LG V300L V300S V300K must update from V21s to V30b
  • LG H930 must update from V22j to V30b or V30a
  • LG H930DS H930G H930D must update from V22j HKG (Hongkong) to V29g
  • LG H933 must update from V20i to V28g or V28a
  • Another variant Sprint/Verizon/At&t/US Cellular/ACG can cross flash to Canada firmware and FOTA Upgrade to Android 9 Pie Beta >

How to install Android 9 Pie KDZ firmware for LG V30+ using LGUP?

Important note: Now, the OTA has only been tested on LG V30+ H930DS. You may not be able to go back to Oreo firmware unless you have the full stock firmware update.Your device must have a locked Bootloader.

  • Download all the files listed above to your PC.
  • Once done, install LGMobileDriver_WHQL_Ver_4.2.0.exeLGUP_Common_DLL_Ver_1_0_28_5.msi , and LGUP_Store_Frame_Ver_1_14_3.msi
  • Now, extract the LGUP V30DLL_PATCHED.zip files to where LGUP is installed. Replace the files when prompted.Default location is:

C:\Program Files\LG Electronics\LGUP

  • Make sure USB Debugging enabled on your phone under developer settings.
  • Connect your android phone to PC.
  • Launch LGUP.
  • Choose FOTA option.
  • In file path, select the H930DS-V22j-HKG-to-H930DS-V29g-HKG.up Pie OTA update file.
  • Click start.

Lg V30 android 9 Pie beta ota flashing LGUP

Note:  If it appears that the operation has stuck at 4% with a massage saying “Flash package”, its normal. Let LGUP install. Once the flashtool has succeeded, LG V30 will install the update.

Once the Android 9 Pie update for LG V30 is available officially, you can use the LG Bridge software to install it.

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