OxygenOS Open Beta 30 and Beta 28 for OnePlus 5 and 5T OTA downloads

A new OTA update is now rolling out with the latest security patch level – May 2019. This is a small incremental OTA update for the OnePlus 5 and 5T with nothing but an upgrade to the newest security patch level and support or the manufacturer’s brand new Bullets Wireless 2 headphones. This also fixed a minor Bluetooth headphones bug where the automatic answering of incoming calls would fail while connected. The latest Oxygen OS 9.0.6 also features some general bug fixes and system improvements. So download the incremental OTA update from below and update right away.

Previous Oxygen OS 9.0.5 features similar security patch level – Aptil 2019. Improved stability of the phone app, fixed issues with parallel apps, and optimized gaming more. OnePlus also promised the Oxygen OS 9.5 features like Fnatic (Gaming mode), Zen mode, etc to come to OnePlus 5 and 5T in the upcoming updates. However, it may happen once the latest flagships OnePlus 7 (Pro) have been updated to stable Android Q. So stay tuned and meanwhile download the OTA update zips from below; if you haven’t already.

What’s new with Oxygen OS 9.0.6 for OnePlus 5 and 5T?

• Updated Android security patch to 2019.5
• General bug fixes and system improvements

• Supported Quick Pairing of Bullets Wireless 2
• Fixed issues with automatic answering failing while connected to a Bluetooth headset

Previous Oxygen OS 9.0.5 update log:

  • System
    Updated Android security patch to 2019.4
  • Phone
    Improved stability for the Phone app
  • Parallel Apps
    Fixed issue with parallel apps showing primary account
    Fixed issues with download pictures in parallel WhatsApp
  • Gaming mode
    Fixed couldn’t receive third-party apps video call issues

Download Oxygen OS 9.0.6 OnePlus 5 and 5T

Here we have listed the incremental OTA updates for the latest Oxygen OS 9.0.6 for OnePlus 5 and 5T. The OTA comes win a small package not more than 200 MB in size. You can easily install it using stock recovery method or ADB sideload method. You can also try downloading the OTA update zip using a VPN app and changing the location of device to Germany or Canada and then check for updates via settings.

The full stock firmware will be updated soon. So stay tuned. Incremental is for devices already on OOS 9.0.5.

Incremental OTA updates download: (From Oxygen OS 9.0.5 to 9.0.6)

Full stock firmware update zips: Oxygen OS 9.0.6

Following we have the previous Oxygen OS 9.0.5 is you need them. These are the full stock firmware zips. You can simply grab the zip and perform a local upgrade or flash it directly using TWRP if your Android is rooted. First, check if it has a compatibility zip. If it does remove it, create the zip and then flash it using TWRP recovery. If you need TWRP recovery, get it from the Oxygen OS 5.1.7 post.

Full stock firmware update zips: Oxygen OS 9.0.5

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