OnePlus 6 Hydrogen OS Beta 2 gets huge update for Android 9 Pie Beta

Update: OnePlus 6 Hydrogen OS Beta 4 is now available for download with improved system and network stability, optimized front camera quality, optimized multi-tasking, and more. OnePlus always had two variants of the stock firmware for all of its smartphones. First is the Oxygen OS, meant for international or global variants, and the other is Hydrogen OS, meant for Chinese variants. All of these firmware have stable as well as open beta channels. The Hydrogen OS Beta 2 is now being updated with huge and interesting changelog.

What’s new with Hydrogen OS Beta 2? As we already know H2OS Beta is based on Android 9  Pie. It new OTA update features latest September 2018 Security Patch, added global roaming solution, improved touchscreen sensitivity, better standby time, and Bluetooth connection optimization. The OTA update also features a new OnePlus Launcher upgrade and fixed issues with icons not displaying for some. View the full update log from below.

The same update log will soon reflect on the Oxygen OS based Open Beta featuring Android 9 Pie DP4. While you can install the Hydrogen OS firmware onto your OnePlus 6 device easily, you can wait for the OxygenOS Open Beta to roll out if you feel so.

OnePlus 6 Open Beta Android 9 Pie

Changelog for Latest OnePlus 6 Hudrogen OS Beta 4 Update (Android 9 Pie)

This change log is for Hydrogen OS Beta 2. Same will come to Oxygen OS beta channel. So stay tuned. Oxygen OS stable channel is still based on Android 8.1 Oreo. The Beta channel is based on Android 9 Pie Developer Preview.


• Improved stability for Wi-Fi connection
• Optimized background power consumption control
• Optimization for the pocket mode to reduce accidental touches


• Optimized multitasking UI


• Optimized image quality for front camera


• Improved UI for Verification Codes (for OTP), making it faster to find what you want

Previous H2OS Beta 1 update log:


• Updated Android security patch to 2018.9
• Added global roaming solution
• Improved touchscreen sensitivity
• Optimized standby power consumption
• Optimized stability for Bluetooth connection


• Fixed issue with caller interface display for incoming phone calls


• Fixed issues with icons not displaying correctly in dock area
• Fixed double swipe arrow appearing in launcher

Status Bar

• Fixed status bar drop-down display issue
• Fixed issue with popping up intermittently

Download OnePlus 6 Hydrogen OS Beta 4 based on Android 9 Pie

Following is the full stock firmware of the Android 9 Pie based Hydrogen OS Beta 2 for the OnePlus 6. You can easily install it over your previous H2OS update or even the Oxygen OS firmware using Local Upgrade method.

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