Download YouTube Music APK – How to Install YouTube Music and Use Anywhere in the world?

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Latest YouTube Music APK download YT Music

Google is making huge changes to its Google Play Services and Products including the Android OS (9.0 P), Google Play Music, News app, YouTube app etc. This includes re-branding, re-designing, and much more. The biggest change this year is the YouTube Music services (YT Music).  Although YouTube Music may be a new term for some, but it’s coming for everybody. It is a replacement to Spotify, except you get much more than just music. Moreover, there is a huge update coming to YT Music this month as it re-brands Google Play Music to YouTube Music and adds YouTube Premium (Red) subscription for $9.99 only. However, YouTube Music is free to use and here you can download and install the APK.

Now, the latest version of the YouTube Music is not yet available because the new update is server side and will be live anytime soon. But for that, you need to be prepared. So here we have the working YouTube Music APK which will help you enjoy YT Music right away. Also, whenever, a new update is available on Play Store, your app will be updated seamlessly.

Unfortunately, YouTube Music services are not readily available in every country, you will need to do a little tweak for that. See the following installation instructions to use YouTube Music anywhere in the world.

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Download YouTube Music APK

We will be updating the latest versions of YouTube APK here as they are made available. So bookmark this page!

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Screenshot 20180524 134720 YouTube Music

How to install and use YouTube Music anywhere in the World?

Now, YouTube Music is available in select countries only. If you have downloaded the APK file from above and installed it on your Android device, then you can launch it and see if it works. If now, see the instructions below.

  • Download and install the latest version of YT Music from above to your Android.
  •  Open YT Music. Sign in with Google account. If the music shows up, then you are good to go. No need to go further.
  • If you get an error called YouTube Music is not available in your country, then do the following.
  • Download and install a VPN app. Any app of your choice. There are plenty of options. Simply go to Play Store and search VPN. For illustration, I am using Turbo VPN.
  • Open up your VPN app and skip the sign in. Create a connection. Now, change the location to USA from the option on the top right corner.

Screenshot 20180524 142032 Turbo VPN

  • Once connection is successful, launch the YT Music app.
  • Now you will be asked for a free or YouTube RED subscription. You can choose either.

Screenshot 20180524 135318 YouTube Music Screenshot 20180524 134738 YouTube Music

Enjoy your YouTube Music right now and tell us about it.

Some alternatives to YouTube Music are:

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