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YouTube Go was announced by Google in last month and as promised, the rollout for the most awaited app is finally happening. YouTube Go is Google’s new initiative that is basically designed for the slow or low internet connectivity areas in India. Moreover, Google has launched the beta version for testing. The Indian users now get a privilege to install it first and report bugs ahead of the official launch, it is also expected that Google will soon roll out the update to other countries as well. Meanwhile, the app is available on play store, but if you haven’t received it yet, you can download the Apk from our download section given below.

Primarily, YouTube Go is designed to encounter the connectivity issues in India or the other neighboring countries. However, the secondary goal is to serve the stunning YouTube features to its users at very less data, it also comes with offline viewing mode respectively. Furthermore, Google has added a tagline which reads as “Ab Mazze Udao, Data Nahi” with a clear goal to introduce notable features like- Video previews, delete search history, Instant share- to share videos to your neighbors offline and search for a particular video and discover new videos as a bonus. Meanwhile, this were just a few features, to cover more details and help you learn, we are adding how to use and important tips as below. The app can ridiculously save you data on your mobile and also display decent quality videos.

How to Download and Install YouTube Go?

As YouTube Go comes as a privilege to Indian users, you can either download it from the Play Store or head over to this link to download the latest apk–> Download apk | Mirror | File:

Now once you’re done with downloading, start installing it. To do so, Hit install-> select language as English-> enter your mobile no and press next-> now enter your email and press next.

select language YouTube Goemail youtube go

Once you enter your email and press next, you’ll be able to see the new YouTube Go interface. You get two tabs viz. Home and the Saved tab. Moreover, if you want to know tips on how to use it, scroll down to the tutorial below.

6 cool features of YouTube G0

Now, one you open the app you can use it however you want it to. But here are few highlighting features that would help you make most out of your YouTube Go user experience. So without further ado, let’s begin with it.

1.Save Data and Preview Videos:

Primarily, Google has designed the app to let users save their mobile data. So what does that really mean and how YouTube Go will actually save your data?

  • To do so, the app allows you to select video size manually. This is very helpful when you’re low on data, it will also help you play or save videos at a smaller size.
  • You also get to preview the video with a single tap. Previewing will give you an idea of the actual video contents. This will help you save your time and data eventually.

preview video on youtube go

2. Watch video description without playing it:

To check out a particular video description on YouTube, you had to play it earlier and only then you could read it. But YouTube Go has changed this tradition. Now, you can directly view it from the video preview itself. To do so, directly tap on any particular video-> tap the upper arrow from the pop up-> scroll down to read the description.
Screenshot 20170303 165557how to check description on youtube go

3. Save Videos and select storage options:

Now, this option is really intriguing, you can save most of the videos really fast on your phone or SD Card. Moreover, you can play them anytime without buffering. The saved videos are downloaded on your device and you can access those from the YouTube Go’s Saved tab. As a bonus, you can watch it as many times you want to even with slow or almost no internet connection. You also get an option to choose where to download your videos viz. internal storage or SD card. On top of it, the app also notifies you how much storage space you are left with.

  • To save video, open any video-> select video size-> hit save button.

Screenshot 20170303 172331

  • To set storage location, go to the settings in the app-> video storage-> select as per choice- phone or SD card.

Screenshot 20170303 172257 Screenshot 20170303 172304

4. Delete and Check recent history:

Unlike YouTube, the YouTube Go app also comes loaded with the two unique features, where you can check your recent history and also delete the search history. Although YouTube Go ha added this two features on its list, but YouTube stays a clear winner here as it has options to pause the watch and search history. Unfortunately, you will have clear your history manually on the Go app. Maybe we will get to see this upgrade in the official version.

Screenshot 20170303 174532
YouTube: bonus history settings
  • To delete history, go to the settings in app-> privacy-> delete search history-> delete.

Screenshot 20170303 173951

  • Similarly, to check history-> settings-> privacy-> watch history.

Screenshot 20170303 173915

5. Share and Receive videos offline:

This seems as the secondary option why Google has launched YouTube Go in India. Taking the connectivity issues into consideration, Google has added- instant share feature that lets you share and receive saved videos over Wi-Fi Direct. Meaning, you can now transfer your saved videos to your friends and relatives without using the Internet. This also saves your Internet or data charges for streaming the same video again. Moreover, those who don’t know, Wi-Fi Direct is a standard, which allows devices to easily connect with each other without requiring a wireless access point.

  • To share videos, go to the saved tab->hit send button-> pop up arrises-> tap send again-> select the video you want to send-> your phone will start setting hotspot-> at the same time the recipient should tap the reveive button in order to complete the transfer.

Screenshot 20170303 124440Screenshot 20170303 124652Screenshot 20170303 124701

  • Similarly, to receive the video, go to saved tab and hit receive button-> a pop up arises and it will ask you to turn on your phone’s location-> turn it on from the settings and wait for the sender to send the video.

Screenshot 20170303 124818Screenshot 20170303 124859

6. Ad free YouTube streaming with YouTube Go

Currently there are no Ads on the YouTube Go application. Google may add it in the future but right now in the early access, there are none. We have already shown you how to remove ads on YouTube but that requires root access. If you are looking for an Ad-free experience, hop onto YouTube Go. YouTube Go is also a good alternative to YouTube Red.

This is how you can use the brand new YouTube Go app on your device. If you face any issues using or downloading the apk, let us know through the comments section below. As the app comes in beta version it may have some bugs. If you find some bugs tip us through the comments. Also, share your experience about the new app.

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