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NewPipe for advanced YouTube Experience [APK Download]

Youtube has now become a household term all over the world. Everyone who is trying to get their favorite music, movies etc their ultimate destination is YouTube. Youtube is a leading free video sharing website right now.  With the portability of technology, Youtube is also leading in the Android world as leading hub for popular videos. Youtube is very safe and content-conscious. You won’t really find any explicit content. But the only necessary hassle You might face is advertisement along with the video content. An advertisement is a major source of revenue for free content sharing websites. But still, it’s annoying for most users who want Ad-less content. So, to overcome that issue here we present you the latest NewPipe App v0.10.0+ for smartphones. The latest NewPipe App ensures an Ad-less Youtubing for its users.

NewPipe is a free lightweight App that provides Ad-free YouTube experience along with other cool and important features such as background playing, free video download, interactive UI etc to name a few. The best part about NewPipe is it is an open-source project. It doesn’t depend on the Youtube API or Google Play Store.

NewPipe App only parses the YouTube website in order to gain the information it needs for the user. Also being lightweight, NewPipe App saves battery, memory and your priceless data. Read on to know more about latest NewPipe App.

Changelog: Latest NewPipe App for Ad-less YouTubing

Being an open source project and fairly a new App, the NewPipe has gone through several changes in the recent days. And just to sum that up here is the latest changelog of NewPipe App from the developer’s desk.

Latest Change log of NewPipe App v0.10.0

Cool and Amazing Features of NewPipe App v0.10.0

Answering the question of the day, the NewPipe App v0.10.0 comes with a plethora of features that make it a most sought App for viewing and downloading videos from YouTube. Let us take an in-depth look at the important features of NewPipe App.

  • No Advertisements

Yes..!! It’s for real. Right from the moment, you open the App till the point You close it, there is not a single trace of Ad you would see.

  • Play Audio In Background

Now on a smartphone, You will end up doing multiple tasks and not only watch videos. So, with the background Audio facility, You can use other Apps or surf internet while listening to audio only from the Youtube video.

But on Youtube, this facility is not there. As soon as You come out of Youtube App, the song/audio closes too.

  • Download Video/Audio of Your choice

So, your favorite rock band released their music video and you want to have it on your smartphone instead of going to Youtube every time to listen to the song.  Worry not, for NewPipe provides you the option to download the videos in any video format of Your choice. You can even download the audio only if You wish. NewPipe is the new haven for Youtubers.

  • Eyesight Friendly Background Themes

It has three different background theme modes to choose from, Light, Dark and Black. If you are a night owl, make sure you get the dark mode so it won’t hurt your eyesight as you surf Youtube.

  •  Video Pop-up and resizing

You can resize the active screen of the video you are watching so that you can scroll through other videos or maybe check your email. This feature is there on Youtube App too and you can even slide it anywhere on the finger. But in NewPipe you have to click the button to shrink the video screen. Although after that you can place the shrunk active video screen by sliding it anywhere across the screen. But it’s a great facility nonetheless.

  • 4K Video Support

Today most of the devices come with 4K video support which enables HD video experience. And with NewPipe you can enjoy HD videos at 4K and 60FPS. Even if your device is not necessarily sophisticated, you can enjoy the video at 720p resolution. You can select from lots of resolutions NewPipe has to provide.

Screenshots of NewPipe App v0.10.0 in Full Action

So, we used the NewPipe App v0.10.0 and explored the vast possibility of Ad-less Youtubing along with other cool features it has to provide.

Let’s see how NewPipe works.

NewPipe App v0.10.0
The Homescreen of NewPipe App v0.10.0

The home screen is pretty much simpler than YouTube App wherein the home page is filled with Advertisements and countless video suggestions, trending and what not. But NewPipe Is simple. A  simple home screen where a user can search for his desired content with clarity.


NewPipe App v0.10.0
The search bar is pretty smart that displays the related content as you type and search for your desired content

You start typing in the search bar and in no time You will be provided with related content to what you are searching for. And you will be one click away from your content.


NewPipe App v0.10.0
Simple configuration of function buttons that enable an efficient video viewing experience

You can see how simple the configuration of side buttons are placed. This the screen you view after you start the video. You can shrink the screen using the right corner button. And You can rotate the screen if you want to. And there is no advertisement too.


NewPipe App v0.10.0
You get cool and helpful options as background audio only play, pop-up screen

Just as you are about to start playing the video you get the options for background audio only play. Again you can tap on Pop-up to shrink the video screen. You can choose video codec and quality of your choice..!!

NewPipe App v0.10.0
One-click Download option to download your video or simply the audio extract.

See that downward arrow button. Tap that to see this download permission screen. Then choose Your video quality, audio only whatever you wish for and tap OK to download.

NewPipe App v0.10.0
You can choose your choice of video codec before downloading any YouTube video through NewPipe App

It depends on what kind of device You use and how much of HD video it can support. Just select what’s fine for your device and grab your video.

NewPipe App v0.10.0
The Settings section allows you to set and use NewPipe App the way you want to

You can choose your background theme, you can control your content, you can check for your browsing history etc.

NewPipe App v0.10.0
You can choose theme for NewPipe background to make it more eyesight friendly
NewPipe App v0.10.0
The user can effectively control content and what you want to see. There is also auto-suggestion for related content

Go to Settings > Content and make the tweaks according to your need.

NewPipe App v0.10.0
Go to Settings > Video & Audio to set up NewPipe according to your requirements
NewPipe App v0.10.0
You can toggle and select video resolutions and video format of your own choice

Download Latest NewPipe App v0.10.0 APK

Here is the direct APK download link given below.

NewPipe v0.10.0 | Download APK

How To Install: NewPipe App v0.10.0

Installation is very simple. You will install it as any other APK you would install. It has been kept so simple that You do not get asked for lots of permissions.

Another way You can also download NewPipe through F-droid which an exclusive catalog for open source Android Apps.

Here are some screenshots of the installation of NewPipe.

NewPipe App v0.10.0
Installation of NewPipe v0.10.0


As we mentioned from the beginning, NewPipe App v0.10.0 is a completely free app. There is no hidden charges or in-App purchases.

However, if you feel like appreciating the hard work developers are doing,  you may donate any amount of your choice to the developers.

Here is the link NewPipe App | Donate

Otherwise, it’s totally free like air in the atmosphere :P.


Well, the App is running as smooth as hot knife running through butter. Although we only once experienced a crash while trying to come back to Homepage.

NewPipe App v0.10.0
A minor glitch/error message

We guess since it is the early version of NewPipe, so somehow some tiny bug crept up on the board, but there’s nothing that cannot be debugged. But rest the App is working just awesome and serves more than you can ask for.

NewPipe App v0.10.0: Yay or Nay

We think this is the most efficient and user-friendly App anyone can use to view and download Youtube videos. There are no annoying ADs, the user gets to customize the video environment. It is free. What else one could ask for. Instead of running for paid apps you should be gunning for NewPipe App to do experience Youtube in a whole new avatar.  The app provides endless possibilities to the users and is strictly content oriented.

Therefore, if you are a hardcore Youtuber or even a regular surfer, then NewPipe App v0.10.0 is your game.So, install it and enjoy an Ad-free, efficient yet simplistic Youtube experience.