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YouTube Vanced with YouTube Premium or Red features and Dark Mode – APK Download

YouTube Vanced is a modded and an advanced YouTube client which enabled all the premium features for free. It has the exact same user interface and is a mirror of the stock YouTube app. However, YouTube Vanced gives YouTube Red and YouTube Premium features for free such as no Ads, PIP, dark mode, etc.

It comes in 3 versions – YouTube Vanced for non-rooted, rooted, and Magisk installed Android devices. Formerly known as iYTB, YT Vanced has now become a full fledged YouTube app will all the features from the latest YouTube APK and more. It comes with the following features:

  • YouTube Ad-Blocker (Block all ads)
  • PiP – Picture in Picture mode
  • Dark Mode
  • Add multiple Google Accounts
  • Background Playback
  • Force VP9 (or HDR)
  • Preferred Speed and Toggle Maximum Resolution
  • Pinch to Zoom (for all devices)
  • Cast to various devices
  • Themes like Black, Dark, White
  • Added Auto Repeat

All these features can be toggled under settings menu. You can all a dark mode, link multiple Google accounts, PIP, background play, and much more. The best part is all this for free and works perfectly in a Non-Rooted devices.

You may also like the YouTube Vanced alternative NewPipe. It has YouTube Premium, Red, and YT Music features.

Download YouTube Vanced APK – iYTB YouTube app

For Non-Rooted Android devices:

Note: If you don’t know what rooted Android device is, then this is the best option for your phone. Usually, this is the best solution for every Android device. With the latest version, you don’t need the latest version

Full downloads repository

For rooted Android devices:

Simply uninstall any older YouTube apps and updates from your phone. Download the YTV installer and flash via TWRP recovery.

Alternatively, install the YouTube app directly from Magisk modules.

Download MicroG for YouTube Vanced to sign in to your Google Account

Download and install latest version of YouTube Vanced APK on your Android device. Then, install additional MicroG package to be able to login to your Google Account. All you need is the simple MicroG app installed.

Now, launch the app and on the top right corner, select the account option. Add and account and enjoy all your subscription feeds and latest videos from your favorite YouTubers.

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