Working Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy devices with portrait mode and HDR+ – Download Latest GCam Mod APK

Google released a new version of its stock camera app with the Android 8.1 Oreo firmware update for the flagships Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Google also deployed a new camera 2 API for the same which brought several enhancements to the Pixel camera and pictures taken. It is truly a revolutionary camera app and rated one of the best in Android community. Although natively for Pixel and Nexus devices, developer have started porting this app onto their own devices. So download and install latest Google Camera Gcam APK for the Samsung Galaxy devices here.

Fortunately, a lot of new phones support the camera 2 API by default. So the port was seamless. All you need to do is download the proper Google Camera app and install it as normal APK. The latest version of the Google Camera for the Samsung Galaxy devices is originally ported mainly for the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge devices. However, with a little bit of tweaks, it is now possible to also make it work on the Galaxy S8, S8+, Note 8, and many other device running stock Samsung Experience ROM on both the variants Snapdragon and Exynos.

There are several versions of the Gcam APK available. However we have found the best possible Google Camera port for the Samsung phones as well. It supports all the features like the Portrait mode for front/back camera, HDR+ front/back cam, photo sphere, panorama, and much more. You also get tons of customization options in the settings like the NonZSL HDR+ Auto exposure-mode, NonZSL HDR+ under-exposure multiplier, HDR+ configuration options, device selection, lens blur, and many more. Most importantly, the motion picture found exclusively in the Google Pixel phones is also present here.

Download latest Google Camera for Samsung Galaxy devices

Update 1: You can go for the GCam v8.3b version 3.1.2 or the latest v3.2.9 or later from below. The following are direct APK installation files.

Update 2: Support for more Samsung Galaxy devices such as Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy A series devices, Galaxy J series devices, S6, S6 Edge, Note 5, Note 4, and much more.

Working list:

  • Portrait mode front/back cam
  • HDR+ front/back cam
  • Photo Sphere
  • Panorama
  • Lens Blur

Google Camera for Samsung Gcam v8.3b version 3.2 (Stable)

Features include:

  • Stability: Good
  • Added 12.6 MP Lens Blur
  • Merged all the v8.2b extra features into this. This could be the the best version.
  • Removed some slow shutter option.
  • New ISO options.
  • Both Lens Blur with Portrait mode can now be enabled.
  • Added toggles for Snapdragon variants that had pink portrait problems.
  • Changed some noise reduction code that could increase the definition of the photos
  • Changed allocated memory.
  • Added Italian language.
  • Rearranged a bit the menu the have to most used stuff on the very first settings menu.
  • Improved processing time by enabling by default “temporal binning”.
  •  Fiixed the exposure of HDR+ enhaced mode on front camera for Galaxy S7 users.
  • Changed the Very High HDR config.
  • Double tap on the black area pop the exposure menu directly.
  • Long-press on Gallery to open Samsung Gallery instead of Google Photos
  • Long press on the switch camera and after the restart the viewfinder brightness will be set to maximum.

To fix white level, clean install is a MUST. After the first boot of the app make sure you force close and re-open it.

Download Google Camera v8.3b v3.2 | Gdrive Mirror 

Download Google Camera v8.3b v3.1.2 | Gdrive Mirror 

Google Camera Gcam Mod for Samsung Galaxy devices v3.2.9 (Latest !!!)

Gcam v3.2.9 Features:

  • The latest version may or may not be stable.
  • Fixed black level for front, and back camera for Samsung Galaxy A devices.
  • Enabled OIS by default for Galaxy S7 users.
  • Added saturation options in Advanced HDR+ settings.
  • Fixed black level back camera for Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+
  • Attempt to fix OIS

Direct Download Gcam v3.2.9  | Gdrive Mirror

Gcam v3.2.7 Mod APK | Gdrive Mirror

Google Camera for Samsung Pixel2Mod base v7


  • Stability: Good
  • Working Portrait Mode (May be broken for Snapdragon variants)
  • Fixed black screen for some Exynos variants
  • Removed slowmo
  • Flash may not be working for some.
  • Bookmark this page for further updates.

Google Camera for Samsung Gcam v8.2 (Previous stable)

These are the previous stable versions of the modded Google Camera 5.1.018+.

– Some extra setting (HDR+ smoothing, analog gain etc.)
– Completely changed settings menu with icons

Download AR Stickers for Oreo

Steps for installation:
– Install AR Core APK downloads (APK mirror) (AR core mirror2)first.
– Then install the AR Stickers (Mirror1) (Mirror 2)
– Force close Gcam and re-open it!
– Done!

Google Camera 8.3+ settings for Samsung Galaxy phones:

Although, the app works perfectly with the default settings, you can still tweak with the settings from below.

  • The best way to configure is to test out
  • Set non zsl hdr+ underexposure multiplier to 50% or less.
  • HDR+ denoise multiplier front is recommended at 100%. Rear camera needs to be 150%-200%.
  • Metering mode center weighted or Gcam
  • Advanced HDR+parameters to Very High (Set Low for faster shutter speed.)
  • config camera HDR+ to Pixel 2017 zsl hdr+
  • Turn on HDR+front camera fix.
  • In developer settings unchecked – camera.micro

Settings for Google Camera for Samsung devices

As this Google Camera app has been configured for the Samsung Galaxy S7, all you need to do is install the app and use it directly without any settings. Howeevr, do the following first.

  • Uninstall any earlier installed Google Camera app version.
  • Clean install or clear data when you launch the app for the first time.
  • If the settings do not apply correctly, force close it and run the app again.
  • If the app hangs during processing a HDR+ or portrait shot, it could be due to memory leak. You may need to restart the phone.

For the Samsung Galaxy, the ideal settings look like this:

  • Model: Nexus 6
  • Portrait mode on all models: on
  • off (Under)
  • camera.faceboxes: on

Some of the options on the Samsung devices may not work. Note 8: Rear camera touch to focus not work. For Galaxy S8, S8+ Oreo, Pixel 2017 config may not work, so use Nexus 6 auto instead. Go to settings, advanced, choose “Config camera HDR+”, and choose Nexus 6 Hdr+ Auto.

For the latest Google Camera version 8, clear data, launch app, enter settings, force close app, relaunch app. You will have all the settings listed above.

Some major settings to note:

  • NonZSL HDR+ Auto exposure-mode: For low light and static objects, use “Slow shutter”. For environments in good light, choose any.
  • NonZSL HDR+ under-exposure multiplier: This method may cause the well known rainbow effect sometimes. You can mitigate this effect by lowering underexposure. Dynamic range will go down.
  • Advanced: HDR+ front camera fix: For the Galaxy S7 Exynos. If HDR+ works you without this setting on front cam, turn it off.

Thanks to IDan1109 for the latest working Google Camera Mod for Samsung Galaxy devices. Download and install Gcam Mod for Samsung as normal APK. See how to setup latest Gcam 8.3+ with slow motion, motion picture, portrait mode, HDR+, Lens Blur, AR Core, AR Stickers, etc. Latest Google Camera GCam 8.3 APK download.