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When Samsung flagships release they bring a lot buzz and hype with them, making the users go gaga even more over their features. Everyone out there would get curious to get a hands-on experience of using a particular device or its launcher, Apps etc. Same is up with the latest flagship from Samsung, Galaxy Note 8. Galaxy Note 8 has got a cool launcher that has managed to catch the curious eyes of other Samsung Galaxy device users. Also, it’s natural to crave to have that launcher on their respective Galaxy devices. Well, that is quite possible when we facilities like modding our smart devices. Okay, sticking to simple English, you can now install Galaxy Note 8 launcher for any other Galaxy device which you may use.

Following the popular S8 launcher, here we are with the latest Note 8 launcher for you. With the latest TouchWiz Home, you will get Android 7.1.1 Nougat for any of your Samsung devices. It has been tested working on smaller devices like Grand 2 up to Samsung Galaxy Note 5. You will get all the latest settings, icons, user interface, and wallpapers of the Note 8. It is very simple to install Galaxy Note 8 launcher for any other Galaxy device if you have TWRP recovery setup. Alternatively, you can also open a root browser on your device and replace the TouchWiz Home with this Note 8 one. We have mentioned all the steps for both the approach below in the post.

How To Install Galaxy Note 8 Launcher onto any Samsung Device?

We can install the Galaxy Note 8 Launcher for any galaxy device in two ways.

  • Rooted Galaxy device with TWRP
  • Rooted Samsung device without TWRP

But before getting ahead with the download, note the following:

  • We won’t be responsible if your device gets into boot loop during the installation process.
  • Take a backup of the original TouchWiz Home from system > priv-app.
  •  Rooted install means your device should be installed with a custom recovery like TWRP.
  • First read the entire tutorial before downloading.

Now let see the how to perform the rooted installation.

Steps of Rooted Installation with TWRP

Step-1 Make sure your Samsung device is rooted and have latest TWRP recovery setup.

Step-2 Download the Galaxy Note 8 Launcher from download section below.

Step-3 Reboot your device into TWRP recovery mode.

Step-4 In the recovery mode, go to Install > select the zip file > Swipe to Flash. (First, take a backup.)

Step-5 Finally reboot the device to complete the process of installation.

Now, let’s take a look at the non-TWRP installation.

Installation of Galaxy Note 8 Launcher on a non-TWRP recovery device

In this process, you have to download a Root Browser. This App will allow root access to Android.

  • Now go to Root Browser
  • Extract the Note8launcher zip
  • Copy the TouchWiz Home app
  • Now got to System > priv-app > TouchWiz Home
  • Replace the TouchWiz app with the Note 8 TouchWiz app. (First create original)
  • Give proper permissions. (See this tutorial).
  •  Reboot device once.

Enjoy the installed Galaxy Note 8 launcher on your Samsung smartphone and enjoy the experience.

Download Note 8 Launcher latest TouchWiz Home

Update 1: Here is the updated Samsung Experience Home Launcher with Landscape mode.

Update 2: Also, here is the latest Note 8 stock apps along with the new TouchWiz Home from Note 8.

So, here is the direct download link for downloading the Galaxy Note 8 launcher for any other Galaxy device that you use.

Galaxy Note 8 Launcher | Download

This is a TWRP flashable zip.

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