Install Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Live Wallpapers and ringtones

Ever since the launch of the stunning Galaxy Note 8, the device has become quite popular. Not just for its stunning hardware specifications, but also for the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat firmware based on the Samsung Experience 8.5. We have shown you many apps and features port for several of the Samsung’s former flagships. Here we have the apps and features port for Note 8 sporting the live wallpapers, ringtones, boot animation, keyboard, etc.

We have also posted about the Note 8 apps port for several other Samsung devices like S8/S8+, S7/S7Edge, Note 5, and all the other devices running the new Nougat update. However, that app list did not consists of the Live wallpapers, sounds, boot animation, etc. We already have the stunning Note 8 QHD wallpapers. It is time for the Live Wallpapers from Note 8 which we all seek.

As the Note 8 firmware is based on Nougat, all of its apps will only work on devices running Android 7.0 Nougat on stock TouchWiz or later. Do not try them on Marshmallow.

Download Note 8 apps and features:

Download Note 8 ringtones & sounds

Simply extract the folder, copy it to phone storage and apply as new ringtones or audio tones.

Download Note 8 Bootanimation

You will need to delete old package from system, replace it with new one or push this one. Fix permissions and reboot the device.

Download Note 8 build.prop default

Don’t use this for any device other than Note 8.

Download Note 8 Cloud App

Delete old package from system, replace it with new one or push this one. Fix permissions and reboot the device.

Note 8 Photo Studio Port

Delete old package from system, replace it with new one or push this one. Fix permissions and reboot the device.

Download Note 8 Keyboard

Same as above. See instructions below.

Download Note 8 MyFiles

Same procedure as listed below.

Download Note 8 Live Wallpapers

The complete installation procedure is listed below.

Note 8 live wallpapers

Download Note 8 Wallpapers

Similar apps and features port:

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How to install Galaxy Note 8 Live Wallpaper on other Samsung devices?

Now, the above listed apps are not standalone APK files that you can install directly onto your device. These are feature ports. So they come in packages. You will need to find and replace these packages on your Samsung phone with the Note 8 ones listed above. Download the APK files, copy the old files from system to a safe place, delete them and place the Note 8 package there. Set correct permissions. Reboot device and profit.

Follow the instructions associated with the download links and you will be fine. Also, check out the tutorial below on how to set permissions for each folder.

Here we have used we will use the SecLiveWallpapersPicker or so called the Live Wallpaper app to demonstrate how you can install the above packages on your Samsung Galaxy device.

You will have to follow similar procedure for other apps to work. Once you get around setting the correct permissions for one app, you can improvise and use a similar method for other apps or packages like cloud app, keyboard, myfiles, etc.

Follow these steps carefully:

  • Keep a full stock firmware file handy. Download Samsung firmware here.
  • Know how to restore Samsung to stock.
  • Open file manager, and go to system/app folder using a file manager like ES file Explorer and find the package listed above.
  • Make a copy and delete the “SecLiveWallpapersPicker” from system/app or from system/priv-app; wherever it is located. First, backup. That means create a copy of the original app before you proceed.
  • Delete “SecLiveWallpapersPicker” from the location.
  • Replace it with the new SecLiveWallpapersPicker file.
  • Set the permission as shown in the picture.

How to set permissions for system apps

The first permission is for the folder, and the other is for apps and files. For a more information  on setting permissions, you may also want to check out this page.

  • Reboot device once.

You may or may not enter boot loop. If you do, Reboot to recovery, wipe cache & dalvik cache and reboot.

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