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Samsung will officially unbox its next flagship- the Galaxy S8 on March 29, 2017, at an event in NYC. Meanwhile, everyone was busy predicting how the new flagship killer S8 would look like, we have captured the S8’s Stock apps for you guys. Earlier, we have already posted on the Stock music app for S8. Today, we are adding more of those- starting with the Voice recorder, Video app, S translator and Soundcamp app. The stock apk’s are available and can be downloaded from the section given below. Moreover, we have already brought several Apps and features ports from the remarkable Galaxy S7 and Note S7 TouchWiz firmware.

The Voice recorder, Video app, S translator and Sound camp app comes to us with newer upgradeable versions. Once installed, it will replace the current stock versions into a newer version of its own. The apps can be installed on most of the Samsung phones. Furthermore, it is important to know the features of the new apps. So, let’s just quickly go through it one by one. The relevant screenshots are also attached below for your better understanding.

Update: We have recently capturted few more Stock apps from the Galaxy S8. Namely, the Gear Manager and the Video editor & Maker. As a bonus, we are also adding the S8 fonts for Lockscreen & Weather. You can find the links in downloads section below.

Features and Screenshots of the Galaxy S8 stock apps:

1.Voice recorder:

The voice recorder app is the newest app in the market and it comes to us at a size of 8.16 MB. Moreover, the latest version is 20.1.83-73 and can be installed on most of the Samsung devices. The new app is enhanced so that it gives you a high-quality audio with less background distortion and noise. You can record an audio or your favorite songs at the standard format. Moreover, you can check your recordings in a proper list format.

voice recorder galaxy s8 voice recording samsung galaxy S8

2.Video app:

The video app is just another gallery app which has no extra features and is similar to the one on galaxy S7. The video gallery includes- captured videos and the stored videos on the phone. You can check it as below.

video app samsung galaxy S8

3. S translator:

The S translator app comes with the download size of 8.69 MB and the previous version is upgraded to a new one i.e 1.6.08. Similarly, it is compatible with most of the Samsung devices and it gives you two option. You can either search for a word to translate it or you can simply activate the voice commands. Moreover, it includes a no of languages like the Korean, English US and the UK, Italiano, German etc.

s translator galaxy S8s translator languages galaxy S8

4. Sound camp app:

The Sound camp app comes with a size of 34.13 MB and is updated to the latest version 6.7.29. It comes with a bundle of features as below.

  • The microphone gain is increased in the audio receiver,
  • The MIDI notes are drawn in the real time on the multitrack recorder when connected to a master keyboard.

sound camp app galaxy S8

Moreover, you get a smart composer where you get embedded sound samples like- the dip techno, real hip hop, and rising fire. Once you are done composing you can save it and download it from the galaxy apps. It is very important to know, the app should be updated to the 6.7.18 or later version in order to work it efficiently.

smart composer on galaxy s8 sound camp app

Added Stock apps from Samsung Galaxy S8

5. Gear Manager App: 

The Gear Manager app comes newest in the market with the Galaxy S8, you can install the same on your device. The app weighs around 1.61MB and gives you the latest version 2.2.17022862 The app is a one stop destination to manage communication between your android wear and phone. It gives you options such as quick settings to set notifications, manage apps on your watch, share files to your watch, send SOS requests and much more. Moreover, the highlight of the app is, it lets you change watch faces instantly. Check out the screenshots.

samsung galaxy S8 gear app

6. Video editor & maker:

The Movie maker and editor app comes with the download size of 98.50MB and updating gives the newer version 2.2.08. The Video Editor is the stunning app form the S8 that gives you quick editing options like- video editing, image editing, you can also edit the audios. Moreover, you can quickly edit photos with the editor app like- you can add texts, add effects to your photos or increase or decrease speed and vloume of the videos.

samsung galaxy s8 video editor samsung galaxy s8 video maker

7. Fonts for Lockscreen & Weather:

The fonts come with the download size of 153KB and can be flashed on your phone using the Stock recovery. You just need to download the .zip file into your internal storage, then boot your device into Stock recovery. Once you get in Stock recovery, select the proper package and flash it. Once you flash the .zip file you will get the fonts on your Lockscreen and weather. The screenshots given below shows the changes in fonts on Lockscreen and weather.

samsung galaxy s8 fonts samsung galaxy s8 homescreen

Disclaimer: You can install the apks normally. Moreover, the apps are only tested on Nougat Samsung Experiemce. However, it may or may not work on the TouchWiz Marshmallow.

Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Stock Apps

Updated Links:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Gear Manager app Apk–> Download| Mega App Mirror| File: GearManager_S8_androidsage.apk
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Video Editor & Maker app Apk–> Download| Mega App Mirror| File: VideoEditor_S8_androidsage.apk
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 fonts for Lockscreen & Weather .zip–> Download| Mega App Mirror| File:

As the files available are apk’s you can directly install it on your device for newer versions.

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If you find any issue downloading or installing the apps, let us know via the comments section. We will reach out to you as early as possible. Also, share your experience after using the new S8 apps.

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