Download latest Magisk v13.6 supports Android 8.0 Oreo

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Download latest Magisk v13.5 - Root & Universal Systemless Interface [Android O]

Update: Magisk v13.6 fixes a bug where modules cannot be removed and adds manual ADB installation support. Magisk is  being updated to a newer version 13.5 for its Public Beta release. We have seen Magisk v13 that brought compatibility for Android 7.1.1 Nougat or later. It also supports the latest Android O (Developer Preview 4). The program also has a Magisk Manager APK v5.1.1 for a visual interface and make changes. This is followed by the previous Magisk 13.3 that fixed the Safety Net fix for latest AOSP sources.

What is Magisk you say?

Magisk is more than just a procedure to root Android phones. Apart from rooting Android devices, it consists of various modules. Google Assistant Enabler, Xposed for Nougat, Viper4Android, etc. are just few of them. There are many device specific modules as well. You can now easily implement Xposed Framework via Magisk. Apart from the modules, you will also see some features like root hide, magisk hide, Safety Net Bypass, etc.

Magisk v13.5 now supports the latest Android O Developer Preview 4. In case you would like to setup Magisk onto Google Pixel (XL) devices, then that is also achievable. Apart from that, you will see Busybox added to Magisk source and embed multi-arch busybox binary into update-binary shell script. It also fixes multi user issue completely. You can see the full update log from below.

Download Magisk v13.6 Beta

Magisk v13.6 zip | Download

Magisk v13.5 zip | Download

Latest Magisk Manager v5.1.1 APK can be downloaded here.

How to install Magisk on any Android?

Magisk requires root, TWRP, and unlocked Bootloader. If you have all these three setup, then head over to this complete tutorial on how to install Magisk on Android.

You can also install the Magisk v13.6 via ADB method without using TWRP recovery. Check out the installation procedure here.

Changelog Magisk v13.6 Beta

Magisk v13.6 (1350)(beta) brings the following optimizations:

– [Fix] Fix a bug where modules cannot be removed
– [Installation] Add manual ADB installation support

Magisk v13.5 (1350)(beta) brings the following optimizations:

– [installer/uninstaller] Fix a bug in scripts causing backing up and restoring stock boot images failure
– [MagiskBoot] Add native function to extract stock SHA1 from ramdisk
– [rc script] Enable logd in post-fs to start logging as early as possible
– [b64xz] New tool to extract compressed and encoded binary dumps in shell script
– [busybox] Add busybox to Magisk source, and embed multi-arch busybox binary into update-binary shell script
– [busybox] Busybox is added into PATH for all boot scripts (post-fs-data.d, service.d, and all module scripts)
– [MagiskSU] Fully fix multiuser issues
– [General] Fix the daemon crashing when boot scripts opens a subshell
– [General] A lot of adjustments to prevent stock Samsung kernel restrictions on exec system calls for binaries started from /data

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