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The Paranoid Android team has been on a roll lately ever since they announced its return on the development scenario with the Paranoid Android 7.1.2. The team recently added official support for the Huawei P8 Lite ALICE-L02, L21 & L23 models with both the Single and Dual-SIM variants of the device able to taste the latest Android has to offer.

The ROM is currently in beta version and is, in general, is considered stable to use by the members on XDA forums. An extensive list of features and underlying issues in the ROM are mentioned below

  • Issues
    • Video Camera Recording
    • HWC disabled
    • Encryption
    • CPU deep-sleep ( working only if device is connected to WiFi )
    • Some videos can’t be properly handled ( especially 1080p & all 60fps )
    • Off mode charging
  • Features
    • Pure & clean Android, based AOSP
    • Substratum Theme Engine
    • PA-exclusive Color Engine
    • PIE Controls system
    • Accidental Touch (prevention) functionality
    • Pocket Lock
    • Three-Finger Swipe Screenshot
    • SNAP camera
    • PA Browser
    • Multi SIM support
    • WiFi/NFC/BT/GPS
    • Kernel updated to 3.10.107
    • Fast with smoother UI

Barring a few key issues like the video recording and playback, the ROM can be considered as a daily driver, all things considered.

 Install Paranoid Android 7.2.2 For Huawei P8 Lite



Paranoid Android 7.2.2

Note: Kindly ensure that your device is running on EMUI 4.1 B895. If not, download the update from the above section.

  1. Download the PA 7.2.2 file and move it to the root of your internal storage
  2. Boot into TWRP Recovery.
  3. Wipe Dalvik/ ART Cache and Cache
  4. Go to Install and flash the PA 7.2.2 zip file
  5. Flash GApps
  6. Wipe Cache
  7. Perform a System Reboot

Your Huawei P8 Lite should now be running on Paranoid  Android 7.2.2 Nougat. If you encounter any issues along the process or enter bootloop, flash the EMUI 4.1 B895 file provided above.

Paranoid Android 7.2.2 Settings

Source: XDA

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Sarang Avatar

9 responses

  1. Brasso Holmes Avatar
    Brasso Holmes

    Is this for original P8 Lite or 2017 version?

    Instructions in more detail available? – you’re looking at a Luddite here!

    1. kanav sharma Avatar
      kanav sharma

      Hey Brasso. This is for the original P8 Lite. Do tell me if your device is rooted/unrooted, running on stock or TWRP recovery and I’ll guide you through the process

      1. Brasso Holmes Avatar
        Brasso Holmes

        AFAIK it’s unrooted and running on stock EMUI 4.1, Android 6.0
        If I knew what TWRP is I’d answer ;o))

        1. kanav sharma Avatar
          kanav sharma

          No issues, everyone needs to start somewhere 😉

          What I need you to do is install TWRP recovery on your device. Think of it as a modification to your device that lets you install all the new goodies available for your device.
          In order to do that, you need to unlock your bootloader
          To do so:
          1. Go to Settings> Build number and tap it around 7 times until ‘you are now a developer’ dialog comes up
          2. Head over to Settings> Developer Options
          3. Check “Install from Unknown Sources”, USB Debugging and OEM Unlock
          4.Download ADB and fastboot drivers for your device from here-
          5.You will also need to create a Huawei device Id if you don’t have one-
          6. Fill out the details it asks you
          7. It now asks for a product identification code, dial * # * # 1357946 # * # * and fill the IMEI code and submit.
          8. Copy the code and go over to the place where you installed your ADB drivers
          9. Hold Shift+Right click and select Open Command window here
          10. Write- adb reboot bootloader
          11. Follow up by writing – fastboot oem unlock xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Replace all x with your key
          12. Your bootloader is now unlocked. Message me when you’ve followed the steps 🙂

          1. Brasso Holmes Avatar
            Brasso Holmes

   doesn’t work.
            To be able to get device ID it is necessary to receive SMS code. The only mobile area available is China. +44(UK) not available :((

  2. Brasso Holmes Avatar
    Brasso Holmes

    Kanav, Can’t see that I can directly message you. Yes, click on your https:/…disqus_7Th6UhtFdA/ (hope that isn’t insecure!) but no way to send a private message.

    1. kanav sharma Avatar
      kanav sharma

      No issues Brasso, just message us on our facebook page- and I’ll get get in touch with you

  3. Brasso Holmes Avatar
    Brasso Holmes

    Can’t use your instructions today – installing WISP back haul and need to be contactable all day. Thanks for the instructions so far

  4. Anant Mundhra Avatar
    Anant Mundhra

    If i install EMUI file after flashing paranoid ROM, it will create any problem?

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