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HMD Global recently launched their Nokia Camera on the Google Play Store exclusive for Nokia devices. With various users mentioning that they were unable to download the app despite owning Nokia devices, it became all the more important to host and share mirrors of the Camera apk file.

Nokia devices by HMD Global have caught the eye of tech enthusiasts and nostalgics alike, thanks to their fast development and stock Android support which, to be honest, is pretty rare for a company these days.

Although no Unlocked Bootloader support has been made available for them just yet (OEM Unlocking does not work in Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6), it is but a matter of time once device production ramps up and is in the hands of more developers.

Download Nokia Camera For Your Device

Note: This is the initial release of the Nokia Camera and is specifically tailored for Nokia devices. If you do not have a Nokia handset, it will not launch on your phone unless you follow the steps given below.

How To Install Nokia Camera On Your Device

Note: This guide requires root access on your device

  1. Download the apk from the links provided above and move it to your internal storage
  2. Open any file explorer with root support and built-in text editor
  3. Head over to the /Root storage partition
  4. Go to /System folder and open build.prop file
  5. (Optional) Backup your build.prop file to your internal storage
  6. Find the following lines:
  7. Change these lines to show the following:
  8. Save the changes and exit the editor
  9. Head to Settings> Unkown Sources and check the box
  10. Navigate to the Nokia Camera apk and hit install. The app should now run smoothly

Note: Play Store will now recognize your device as Nokia 6 and you may not get any official updates until you restore your original build.prop file.

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