Latest OnePlus Launcher 2.1.5, Gallery 1.8.0, File Manager 1.7.1 APK Download from Open Beta 21

With the launch of a new Open Beta 21 and Beta 12 for OnePlus 3 and 3T, comes numerous system optimizations, and bug fixes. The stock OnePlus firmware is now optimized for better performance. Some additional features can also be found in the firmware. You will see updates to some of the stock apps including the OnePlus launcher, File manager, Gallery, etc.

The same will be updated in the upcoming OnePlus 3 Oxygen OS Open Beta 21 and Beta 12. The new Gallery app now displays and supports viewing RAW image formats. You will also find a light theme for the Gallery.

List of updated apps in Open Beta 21/12 for OnePlus 3/3T:

  • OnePlus Launcher
  • OnePlus Gallery 1.8.0
  • OnePlus File manager


OnePlus Launcher 2.1.5 screenshots:

App Folder revamped:

Screenshot 20170803 113143

As you can see, the folder icon has changed. It could be due to the fact that this new launcher is from Hydrogen OS H2OS Beta . The Oxygen OS Open Beta 21 for OnePlus 3 could possess the regular circular or round icons.

Screenshot 20170803 113150

However, the inside of the folder has been redesigned. The folder now takes over the entire screen giving you space to explore all the apps with ease.

Screenshot 20170803 113226

While the app shortcuts remain the same.

Downloads from H2OS Open Beta 12/18 for OnePlus 3T

OnePlus Launcher v2.1.5 APK Download

OnePlus Gallery v1.8.0 APK Download

OnePlus File manager v1.7.1 APK Download

The apps can be downloaded from the official H2OS Beta post here.

Downloads from Oxygen OS Open Beta 21 for OnePlus 3T

Once the new Open Beta is available, we shall update the APK files here first. So stay tuned.

Download OnePlus Launcher 2.1.5 APK

Download OnePlus Gallery 1.8.0 APK

Download OnePlus File manager 1.7.1 APK

Simply download the APK files from above onto your phone and install directly as a normal APK file.

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