how to install Samsung galaxy s8 Plus infinity display theme for Huawei on EMUI

Samsung’s flagship release Samsung Galaxy S8 and its display screen and themes have been creating a lot of buzz since their release. And now almost all Android device users want to experience it. Huawei users can now experience the Infinity display via the Dream UX theme. Here is the Samsung Galaxy S8 theme for all Huawei devices running stock EMUI firmwareFirst of all, with Samsung Galaxy S8‘s release, the innovative hardware design probably surprised the whole world. Most noteworthy of all is the Infinity display evoked desire in almost everybody, to own this magnificent combo of Samsung‘s hardware and software intelligence.

The new S8 laced with Infinity Display has set a new standard for uninterrupted and immersive experiences. Furthermore, expanded screen size overcomes the need of a larger phone. The 6.2-inch QHD+ screen drops over the edges and corners and creates an illusion as if the screen is floating. And seems like you are only holding the screen. And also in addition to that, Samsung has added some beautiful themes and Infinity wallpapers that act as cherry on the top.

Samsung galaxy s8 Plus infinity display theme for Huawei on EMUI

What comes with Samsung Galaxy S8 theme?

Infinity Wallpapers add a futuristic touch to the Galaxy  S8’s bezel-less hardware wizardry. These wallpapers live in the Samsung S8 Themes. And also three live wallpapers are brought together as one. Always-On Display, lock screen, home screen have smooth transitions between them.

  • Always On display is seen as a pixelated star field with colored glow in the background.
  • Press the virtual home button and a swooping 3D effect transitions to a geometric pattern surrounding the S8’s neat clock widget.
  • And when you unlock the phone, you will see a clean colored gradient while the same animated star field is visible in the background.

Samsung galaxy s8 infinity display and wallpapers

With all these beautiful features no wonder Huawei users desire to download Samsung Galaxy S8 theme for Huawei devices. Well, finally those users who desire to download and install Samsung Galaxy S8 theme for Huawei devices should follow this guide.

For various devices, Samsung S8 themes are available in the form of different launchers. Huawei Smartphone devices and its subsidiaries the Honor series comes pre-installed with EMUI. EMUI is Emotion User Interface (EMUI)  which is a ROM/OS  developed by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. And it is based on Google’s Android Open Source Project (AOSP). EMUI has proven to be a very polarizing interface, with Huawei often adding its own flavor to Android

Features of new EMUI 5:

  • App drawer that can be disabled by default and enabled simply by flipping.
  • It has lesser lag as compared to earlier versions of EMUI.
  • miss-touch feature to distinguish real interactions from accidental taps.
  • Knock Knock support allowing you to swipe across the screen to launch multi-window.

Download S8 (Plus) theme for Huawei

  • Samsung S8 Experience Theme for EMUI 4 | Download 
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 theme for EMUI 5 | Download here

How to install Samsung S8 theme on Huawei devices on stock EMUI firmware?

If you are using Huawei device on EMUI 4 or on EMUI 5 we will guide you to download and install Samsung S8 theme. Here are the steps to install Samsung S8 (Plus) theme onto Huawei.

Step 1: Download the zip file of Samsung S8 Experience

Step 2: Copy and Paste the downloaded file into Hwt theme folder inside your phone storage

Step 3: Open the theme application and apply the theme.

Step 4: Restart Your device.

download and Install Samsung Galaxy S8 theme for huawei

Now you know how to download and install Samsung S8 theme on your Huawei devices. So what are you waiting for? Go grab and swank the futuristic S8 theme and show it off.

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