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Google, the number one software company in the world, is now rolling out the most awaited update to it’s new Google Earth Android application with version This brings a completely new user interface and several new features right to your mobile phone. The top new features in the latest Google Earth 9.0 include Voyager which will take you to a virtual tour, Orbit the World in 3D, inbuilt Street View for all locations, Knowledge Cards for learning purposes, Feeling lucky to go to random places, and much more. The APK is also available for download on Google Play Store and from below.

Google has been updating most of its apps with new features, constantly improving the Android system as well. As the Android OS progresses to the 7.1.2 Nougat and also 8.0 Oreo, the Google Apps (Gapps) are now being updated as well for compatibility. The long awaited update for the Google Earth is here are here are the top 5 features from it.

Earlier we have seen updates to Google Assistant, official Google App, Allo & Duo, and much more.

Google Earth 9.0 screenshots Google Earth 9.0 screenshots

Top 5 features from Google Earth 9.0 Android app

Apart from the usual search and virtual tour of any location in the world, the new Google Earth v9.0 brings these useful features.


This is a new feature included and can be found in the menu once you swipe right. You can also see it on the top navigation menu with a ship wheel symbol. It will take you to a virtual tour and list useful information about various tourists attractions around the world. It includes videos, maps, informative cards from various sources like BBC, YouTube, etc.

Screenshot 20170418 171229Screenshot 20170418 171809

Orbit the World in 3D and street view

In this new feature, Google Earth will render 3D views of most of the places around the world. The Google Earth 9.0 comes with a built in Street View option. So you don’t need a separate Street View standalone application on your Android phone.

Screenshot 20170418 171218 Screenshot 20170418 171717


Knowledge Cards

Knowlwdge cards basically hold short description about the tourist attraction or place. Similar to the cards in various museums.

Screenshot 20170418 171545 Screenshot 20170418 171203Screenshot 20170418 171534

Search and share any location to your contacts

Search or any location on the go. You can share it with your friends and contacts. You can also visit your own location.

Screenshot 20170418 171155Screenshot 20170418 171801

Feeling lucky?

This will take you to random places once you tap on the Dice symbol listed above.

Screenshot 20170418 171246

Download Google Earth 9.0 APK

The APK file is a standalone Android application and can be installed directly. You can install it on any Android phone in any region be it United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, Australia, etc. Some locations like Latin America, Asia, and Europe, the Google Earth app is not available on Google Play Store. But not anymore. Simply download the APK file from below and install it normally.

  • Latest Google Earth 9.0 APK | Download | Mirror | File: [10 MB]
  • Google Play store link

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