How to access Google Allo from desktop browser

Google Allo is the popular chatting application from the major technology firm. It has been downloaded over 10 Million times from the Play Store itself. This time the company announced about the desktop version of the Google Allo application. Nick Fox, VP of Communications Products, twitted today that the Google team is working on the desktop version of the Allo application which will also bring the Google Assistant for PC. We should soon expect the project to go live across the globe.along with another update to the Allo application.

Coming to a desktop near you GoogleAllo

This also means that along with the Google Allo messenger, we can enjoy the Google Assistant right on our PCs. You can start chatting with the new Google AI from your desktop browser using the URL listed below.

Google Assistant desktop version URL

However, the desktop feature isn’t live yet and the URL will throw and error 404 page not found. So check it in after a week when the URL becomes live. This is great news for all the Google Assistant fans. We have already shown you how to install Google Assistant on Android with ease. The company also released a Google App Alpha version that installs the Assistant with a simple APK file.

How to access Google Allo and Google Assistant from desktop browser?

  • Make sure you are using the latest version of Allo. Download the APK from Play Store.
  • Open a browser on your PC or desktop.
  • Enter the following URL in the address bar.

Note: The Google Allo project is under development as we are writing the tutorial. The URL should be live soon. It will most likely throw a Error 404. So bookmark the link or this post to know when the link is live.

  • This will open the desktop version of your Allo app.
  • Sign in to your Google Allo account either by your mobile number or the primary Google account.

That’s it. Start chatting with the Google Assistant right from your desktop computer.

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    Matt Pool

    Written in February…. SMS is already being pulled from Hangouts across the board… Where is our viable alternative, Google?! Sigh.

    Great post! Commenting so I can see when it officially goes live.

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