Download WhatsApp status update APK - 5 new features

WhatsApp is back with yet another feature for the chat lovers. Last week WhatsApp announced its new feature called as the- ‘WhatsApps status’ for android and iOS users. As promised, the official rollout for status is happening all across the globe today. Unlike Instagram and Snapchat stories, the said feature replaces the old fashioned text, allowing the users to share photos, videos, emojis, and GIFs in their status updates. Although the ‘Status’ is very simple to use, but for your quick understanding, we will show you how to use it in the detailed tutorial given below. As the new update is a server side update, you might have received it on your device by now. But for those who haven’t receive it yet, they can download it from the downloads section given below.

What’s new with Whatsapp status update and how to use it?

The new update is available with the size of 3.85 MB and installing it on your device gives you a bunch of features as given below:

  • Changed Chat UI,
  • WhatsApp status,
  • Send and receive animated GIFs
  • Two-step-verification.

1. Changed Chat UI:

WhatsApp is getting better and better with its every update, whenever a new update is out- the UI(user interface) is improved. Previously, the menu had three options viz. calls, chat, and contacts. However, the new UI gives your an added option in the menu.You can check for the changes as given below:

  1. WhatsApp camera: The camera is placed at the extreme left besides chats option for quick access. You can now capture quick photos and share it either as your status or as a normal share to your contacts.
  2. Status: The contacts option is removed and the new status option is replaced instead. Moreover, you can update your quick status or check new updates from your friend list.


Whatsapp old version
Old version UI
new whatsapp UI
New version UI

2. WhatsApp Status: 

Unlike Instagram and Snapchat you can now add stories or the said ‘Statuses’ from the status tab in the menu. There are two methods to add a new picture or a video status:

  • One is, you can directly tap status from the menu-> tap add new option-> camera opens-> capture and hit send.

how to use WhatsApp status

  • Secondly, you can open WhatsApp camera from the menu-> tap to capture or hold for video-> press the send option-> select send to my Status. Ta-da! Your new picture or video status gets live. Cool, isn’t it?

whatsapp camera

You can also check recent updates from your friends or you can check for who all has viewed your new status from the view counter.

  • To do so, got to status tab-> hit 3 dots next to My status->tap on the eye icon-> you get to see the list of people who checked your status.

how to check statustap eye icon to view statusScreenshot 20170224 181122

3. Status Privacy:

You can choose whom to show your status.

  • To do so, go to the status tab from the menu-> tap 3 dots-> tap status privacy-> and set accordingly from the available options viz. My contacts, My contacts expect and Only share with.
  • My contacts: When selected, your each and every status updates are viewable to your contacts.
  • My contacts expect: Using this option you can hide your status for particular users. This helps a lot when you want to ignore someone or don’t want a stalker to know about your updates.
  • Only share with: You can use this option for particular users. This helps a lot for sharing statuses for personal use.

how to set whatsapp status privacyScreenshot 20170224 152302

Unfortunately, WhatsApp only allows you to keep the status for 24 hours, it disappears automatically after that. So you need to keep it changing every day.

4. Send and receive animated GIFs: 

GIFs are the another short videos that can be used to add humor to your texting experience. Unlike Telegram, WhatsApp has also bundled this new feature in the update. Here’s how you can use it, visit any chat-> tap the smiley or emoji colection-> you’ll notice a new GIF tab added at the bottom-> taping it will give you a collection of cool GIFs.where to find GIFs in whatsapphow to send GIF in wahtsapp

  • GIF search: To search for particular GIF videos, you can tap the search icon at the bottom left corner beside smiley icon-> put a particular keyword and hit enter-> a number of relevant GIF videos will pop up. Refer the above screenshot> check the search icon in the bottom left corner.

5. Two Step Verification: 

To add security to your personal data, WhatsApp has had already included security features like end-to-end encryption, two-step-verification. However, two-step-verification was unveiled in the previous version, only a few of us know how to enable it.

  • To do so, go to the account settings-> two step verification-> hit enable-> set the six-digit passcode-> confirm it again-> set back up email in case you forget the passcode-> confirm it again-> hit done.

two step verification whatsappScreenshot 20170224 152617

NOTE: It is important to note if you forget your passcode or buy a new device, it is very important to remember the passcode while re-registering your phone number. So to adding a backup email is highly recommended.

How to Download: As the update is a server side update you can directly check for updates in the Play Store on your device Or head to this link for direct Apk download–> Download from Play Store. Mirror download APK.

If you are facing overheating issues on your android devices then head over to this guide to solve the same-> Overheating Fix

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