Changing your Google Account will enable Google Assistant immediately

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Changing your Google Account will enable Google Assistant immediately

The Google Assistant is based not only on the location but also on the primary Google Account on your Android device. If you already have two different Google Accounts then you are in luck. If not, then it’s not very hard to make one. Today, while testing on one of our Android devices – OnePlus 3, we found a simple trick that will immediately enable the Google’s new assistant service.

As we have already informed you that the Google Assistant is server side switch and is rolling out in stages. What we discovered is that the assistant acceptance is mainly based on your primary Google account. Simply signing out of the primary Google account should immediately enable the update. If not, then add another gmail address to your Android device by going to Settings>Accounts>Add Account. Add a Google account and sign in. Check out the full tutorial below.

The most probable explanation to this is that Google already has registered the account’s permanent location by collecting miscellaneous data through out these years. So if you are not living in United States where the assistant is active, it won’t show up right now using your primary account.

Our primary account has still not received the Google Assistant. But we are enjoying the new AI from a different account. The only drawback is that the feeds and search results won’t show up from the primary one.

Before signing out from the Google App:

Before signing out from the Google App

After signing out of the Google App:

After signing out of the Google App get Google Assistant

Enable Google Assistant right now by signing into different Google account

  • First, go through all the procedures from our earlier post about Google Assistant. It lists the minimum requirements for the same.
  • Once you have the latest Google App, Google Play Services, and changed the system language to English US, continue with the following steps.
  • Make sure you have a secondary Google account. If not create one and select all US settings like Language and location.
  • Open the Google App and go to the settings. To do so, tap on the Google logo on the top left and then you will see 3 horizontal lines.
  • Tap on the 3 horizontal lines and go to Settings.

Screenshot 20170309 151902

  • From Settings go to Accounts & Privacy

Screenshot 20170309 151915

  • Now tap on Google Account and Sign Out.

Screenshot 20170309 151921

  • While signing out alone should enable the Google Assistant immediately, if it doesn’t, select a different Account.

Google Assistant screenshots

Screenshot 20170309 150657Screenshot 20170309 150602Screenshot 20170309 150627 Screenshot 20170309 150927

That’s it. Now you can enjoy the new Google AI.

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