Paid games for free on google play store

Remember, Google introduced the concept for developers to put their games or apps on sale for a limited time. It seems like few developers are taking advantage of the concept by putting their apps and games on sale.

So, here are some games which are on sale on the play store right now. Grab them all before the sale ends. The games are on sale on for the Indian market of Google Play Store. All the games listed below are paid but can be installed for free for lifetime.

Some games available for free

  • Survival Online GO
  • Demong Hunter
  • Secret Files Sam Peters
  • the SilverBullet

Survival Online GO:

The aim of the game is to survive in an open world against other players. Your character levels up and gains new abilities, weapons, and armor, leading him to become the best warrior. It’s fun, a little difficult to play at first, and the animations are fabulous. It was priced at INR 35.

Survival Online GO gameplay
Survival Online GO for sale on play store

Demong Hunter:

It is fantasy RPG game. ‘Demongs’ are artificial intelligence creatures that inhabit the brain. ‘Demong Hunters’ hunt and kill these creatures, and as the player, you are one of these Hunters. It’s a good game, a little repetitive but generally quite enjoyable if you’re a fan of fantasy RPGs. It was priced at INR 55.

Demong Hunter for sale on play store
Demong Hunter for sale gameplay

Secret Files Sam Peters:

It is an action adventure game. The gameplay is alright, although the voice-over acting and writing are downright awful and it’s a little repetitive. Graphics are good and if you are getting it for free then maybe you should try it. It was priced at INR 79.

Secret Files Sam Peters for sale
Secret Files Sam Peters for sale on play store

The SilverBullet:

It is an another action-adventure title with a hint of thriller thrown in there. The basic story goes that your character, Karil, needs to infiltrate a military laboratory that is up to no good and dismantle it from the inside, putting a stop to its evil schemes. It was priced at INR 290.

The SilverBullet for sale on play store
The SilverBullet for sale

So, grab the games before the sale ends and enjoy them forever.

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