Android 8.0 Oreo Features

Google has hinted several times about naming the next Android 8.0 OS as Oreo. Although there is no official statement from Google about the naming convention, here are some features from the Android 8.0. According to Android OS distribution numbers for March, the Nougat OS has inched just over 2.8% this year and the Android Lollipop tops the chart with just over 32.5%. The number of Nougat on charts are not that impressive right now. However, Google hasn’t stopped adding newer features to its Android OS every year.

The Google I/O 2017 will take place at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA on May 17-19, which is Q2 of this year. In the previous conference, the company introduced Google Assistant. Now, Google is set to debut new features with the Android O this year. These features include Copy less, Finger gestures and the Auto-address share feature.

Furthermore, the said features should be available once the Android 8.0 is out. Google is adding these features to compete with the other OS makers like Apple and Microsoft. Well, now you know the features, let’s go into the details for better understanding.

Here are the Android 8.0 O features:

  • Copy less,
  • Auto-Address share,
  • Finger gestures. (May get delayed)

1. Copy Less: 

Google has developed this feature named as ‘Copy Less’ to detect the relevant information you want to copy from one app and send it to another while texting or sending an email. Meaning, this feature will detect your searches and will suggest you the relevant options without letting you copy or search for it again. For instance, if you and your girlfriend are planning a trip over a messaging app and you find stunning destinations on TripAdvisor, the feature will automatically generate suggestions based on the destination when you start typing “It’s at,”. You just need to tap on the address and the feature will drop the destination address in your text box. Moreover, you can send it using the send button rather than following the traditional copy and paste method from one app to another.

2. Auto-Address Share:

Auto-Address share or ability to tap on the address is the second rumored feature that will be included in the Android O out of the box. Supposedly, this feature comes indirectly from the Apple’s messaging feature where you can share your address with an active link and allow the user to track your address on Google Maps. Meanwhile, you just get the plain text as your addresses, but once the update is rolled out you could actually tap on the address and point it on Google maps. However, the source has not mentioned about the feature’s availability on the third-party messaging apps.

3. Finger Gestures:

The third feature turns out to be the most astonishing feature that will allow users to control or command their devices based on finger gestures. Similar to Google Assistant which allows you to open apps over voice commands, this feature will allow you to toggle apps even faster. This saves time. For instance, if you draw the letter C on your phone’s screen, this gesture will quickly open your recent contacts.

We expect Google to unveil these features on it’s I/O event, this year. However, Google may delay the Finger Gesture feature, so it is suggested not to keep your eyes fixed on it. If you get to know about more Android Oreo features, tip us in the comments section below.

Source: VentureBeat

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