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The Google Pixel is up for pre-orders and comes with some exciting new features, apps, services, and much more. One of the most intriguing features of the Google Pixel (XL) is the latest Android version 7.1 Nougat that comes with it out of the box. This new Android version brings a newer SDK version  25. To support that, Google has also released some exclusive apps like the new Google Camera v4.2 as well as the Google Assistant. The Pixel launcher was already available for download even before the launch. Though it was called Nexus 2016 launcher, now that the Pixel device is available, official ports have been available. using which you can experience the Android 7.1 user interface.

Moreover, as the Google Pixel system dump is now available, android enthusiasts have started extracting and porting several apps and features onto their device. Some of them are the Google Assistant, Google Camera v4.2, Pixel Launcher and wallpapers. Here are several apps and features port from the Google phones.

How to Install Google Camera on Nexus running official Android 7.0+ Nougat?

As Android 7.0 Nougat is only available for Nexus devices officially, and some other Android devices like OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, via custom CM 14 ROMS, the Google pixel Camera v4.2 will only work on these devices. The camera app won’t work on devices running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow or earlier version. So, do not try it until you get an APK port for the same. Here are two methods to install the latest Google Camera v4.2 on your Android device.

Features and screenshots of Google Camera 4.2

  • Long press to lock focus and exposure, manual exposure
  • Viewer Gird
  • Autofocus and speed improved
  • More material design animation and new UI
  • HDR+ profile for better quality

download-google-pixel-camera-v4-2-screenshots download-google-camera-v4-2-for-nexus download-google-camera-v4-2-for-android google-camera-v4-2-ux-screenshots

Method 1: Install Google Pixel Camera v4.2 as direct APK [Download APK]

Contributor Charles_l has extracted and modified the Google camera v4.2 to work on most of the Nexus devices running official Android 7.0 Nougat. You can download the APK and install it as a normal app on your device.

Download Google Camera 4.2 APK

  • Google Camera v4.2 → Download | File: Camera42-signed.apk (47M)

Method 2: TWRP flashable Pixel Camera v4.2

Note: This method has been tested on Nexus 6P only with official Android 7.0 Nougat. XDA member Winb33 has come up with a flashable zip file for the Google Pixel XL camera app. All you need to do is flash the zip package via custom recovery and later make changes to the build.prop file to claim the device as Google Pixel.

As the Pixel phones come with a newer Android 7.1 version, their SDK version 25 and Nexus range is still on Android v7.0 with SDK24. So you will need to flash the new build.prop file with SDK25 support.

  • Download the and packages from the link to your Android phone.
  • Now boot into custom TWRP recovery.
  • Tap install and flash the Pixel camera zip file.
  • Now go to home screen again and flash the modded build prop zip file to get SDK25 –
  • Reboot to System.

Once you reboot, you will be notified of an update to the camera app on Google Play Store.

How to revert back to the stock camera and SDK24 on Nexus?

Download restore files:

How to install Google Assistant and Nougat features on your Android?

We already posted a tutorial on how to port the Google Assistant package onto your Android device. This is similar to the method listed for the Google Camera.

Install the Pixel Launcher for any Android version – Marshmallow, Nougat, KitKat

The Pixel launcher has been available ever since the launch. You can either download it from our earlier posts or from here:

Google Pixel official Wallpapers

Here are HD wallpapers from the new Pixel XL phone. Download the zip and install it directly. The live wallpapers are not available for download.

  • Pixel XL wallpapers → Download | Open in new tab

Download Google Phone 5.1 – Pixel Dialer APK

  • Google Phone from Pixel XL → Download | File:

download-google-phine-5-1-screenshots-1 download-google-phine-5-1-screenshotsLike, share and follow us on social media. For queries, comment down below.

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