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Install Latest OnePlus One Cyanogen OS 13.1.2 ZNH2KAS3P0 Update – CM 13.1.2

Cyanogen OS development team has done it again. Cyanogen Inc. recently updated the OnePlus One device with a new Cyanogen OS ROM [CM 13.1.2] based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. This brings a new firmware build number ZNH2KAS3P0 to the OnePlus One. Though it is a minor update, it brings a newer AOSP security patch level from August and September MHC19Q. The OTA update also fixes some minor instability issues and some bug fixes. As we know, the OnePlus One device is supported by the Cyanogen Inc. and not the in-house Oxygen OS developed by OnePlus development team. Hence, you may not get the Oxygen OS firmware and UX onto your 1+1, unless you port it unofficially. Earlier, we brought to you the unofficial Android 7.0 Nougat AOSP ROM port for the device. So if you want to test the new Nougat firmware from Google onto your device right now, then AOSP ROM is the best way to do it. Meanwhile, you can hit the download section below and grab the latest update for CM. We have listed all the update files along with the mirror files of OTA, full firmware zip files, TWRP flashable ROM files, factory images, etc.

Download Cyanogen OS CM 13.1.2 ZNH2KAS3P0 Marshmallow for 1+1

Download OnePlus One CM 13 13.1.2 update via Cyanogen Support page

Version Download MD5 Checksum
Cyanogen OS 13.1.2 (6.0.1) cm-13.1.2-ZNH2KAS3P0-bacon-signed-fastboot-76d803f730.zip 79ba0f70c236fe64a6b9db8ec1e718d0
Cyanogen OS 13.1.2 (6.0.1) cm-13.1.2-ZNH2KAS3P0-bacon-signed-8502142fdc.zip a40ddd581f58fb1588ed19571d32fedf
Cyanogen OS 13.1.2 (6.0.1) cm-13.1.2-ZNH2KAS3P0-bacon-boot-debuggable-ff0428d091.img b0e74bdc5a02ae6bc69af22e4d899b58

Note: Here, the first row consists of the fastboot image. Meaning, you will need to extract the fastboot image file and flash each file withing manually using the fastboot screen/bootloader screen. Alternatively, the second file is a full firmware zip file and can be flash via stock recovery or a custom TWRP recovery as well. Finally, the third row consists of a debuggable image file for development and testing purposes only. On a second note, the installation procedures are listed below. We have also listed mirror files here with OTA, flashable zip files, stock recovery, etc.

Firmware information: Android 6.0.1, Cyanogen OS V# 13.1.2-ZNH2KAS2P0-bacon , CyanogenMod API Level Elderberry(5) , Android Security PatchLevel: September 1 2016, Kernel Version: 3.4.110-cyanogenmod-g326cf3a [email protected] #1, Thu Aug 11 17:16:59, Build Number MHC19Q

Mirrors for Cyanogen OS CM 13+ for OnePlus one

Fastboot images / Factoty images


Signed flashable zips


Boot-debuggable images


OTA incremental update zips

ZNH2KAS2X1 -> ZNH2KAS3P0: cm-bacon-3c3f0aca9b-to-2b5f277d1c-signed.zip
ZNH2KAS254 -> ZNH2KAS2X1: cm-bacon-9f339bddf2-to-3c3f0aca9b-signed.zip
ZNH2KAS1KN -> ZNH2KAS254: cm-bacon-ced5430fc0-to-9f339bddf2-signed.zip
ZNH0EAS2JK -> ZNH2KAS1KN: cm-bacon-64003595ee-to-ced5430fc0-signed.zip
ZNH0EAS26M -> ZNH0EAS2JK: cm-bacon-e36dd78050-to-64003595ee-signed.zip
YOG7DAS2K1 -> ZNH0EAS2JK: cm-bacon-cee4e8702d-to-64003595ee-signed.zip
YOG7DAS2K1 -> ZNH0EAS26M: cm-bacon-cee4e8702d-to-e36dd78050-signed.zip
YOG4PAS3JL -> YOG7DAS2K1: cm-bacon-d91bf047f5-to-cee4e8702d-signed.zip
YOG4PAS2QL -> YOG4PAS3JL: cm-bacon-49d90510ef-to-d91bf047f5-signed.zip
YOG4PAS1N0 -> YOG4PAS2QL: cm-bacon-7be76f9310-to-49d90510ef-signed.zip
YOG4PAS1N0 -> YOG4PAS2QL: cm-bacon-7c535cd450-to-49d90510ef-signed.zip
YNG1TAS2XK -> YOG4PAS1N0: cm-bacon-62151320e9-to-7be76f9310-signed.zip
YNG1TAS2I3 -> YOG4PAS1N0: cm-bacon-30bd462d41-to-7be76f9310-signed.zip
YNG1TAS2I3 -> YOG4PAS1N0: cm-bacon-30bd462d41-to-7c535cd450-signed.zip
YNG1TAS17L -> YNG1TAS2I3: cm-bacon-e816218e8a-to-30bd462d41-signed.zip
XNPH05Q -> XNPH05Q: cm-bacon-5229c4ef56-to-7ecda8da86-signed.zip
XNPH44S -> XNPH05Q: cm-bacon-5fa8c79c0b-to-5229c4ef56-signed.zip
XNPH38R -> XNPH44S: cm-bacon-ac1ccf7921-to-5fa8c79c0b-signed.zip
XNPH33R -> XNPH38R: cm-bacon-3628510d76-to-ac1ccf7921-signed.zip
XNPH30O -> XNPH33R: cm-bacon-4f280f505a-to-3628510d76-signed.zip
XNPH30O -> XNPH30O: cm-bacon-0428073396-to-4f280f505a-signed.zip
XNPH25R -> XNPH30O: cm-bacon-d22b777afa-to-4f280f505a-signed.zip
XNPH25R -> XNPH30O: cm-bacon-d22b777afa-to-0428073396-signed.zip
XNPH22R -> XNPH25R: cm-bacon-03d77315ea-to-d22b777afa-signed.zip

How to Install Latest OnePlus One Cyanogen OS 13.1.2 ZNH2KAS3P0 Update?

The following tutorial will enable you to flash the latest Cyanogen OS 13.1.2 ZNH2KAS3P0 update onto your OnePlus One device. This will help you flash the latest update from any CM 13/CM12/CM11 version. The following tutorial consists of 3 methods to install the ROM/OTA update. One is via stock recovery or ADB sideload (OTA update), secondly, via TWRP recovery (flashable full firmware file), and finally via fastboot image (factory image).

For rooted devices: flash CM 13.1.2 Marshmallow via TWRP recovery

If you have rooted and set up a custom TWRP recovery onto their OnPlus One device, can manually flash the Oxygen OS 3.1.0 full ROM file. You can either do a dirty flash, meaning, you can directly flash full zip file without wiping data, cache, etc., or do a clean flash by wiping the system, data, cache, etc. To update 1+1, simply boot into TWRP recovery and flash the latest flashable zip file (signed) by tapping the install button in recovery. For a full TWRP tutorial head over to this page: How to flash Cyanogen OS update signed zip file using TWRP? Also, to root the newest Cyanogen OS 13.1.2, flash the latest stable SuperSU 2.76 on Marshmallow and be sure to unlock the bootloader first.

For non-rooted devices: flash via stock recovery or adb sideload

Download stock recovery, just in case → Download | File: recovery.img

Simply grab the OTA and manually flash it using stock recovery. You can also use the full firmware file from the official Cyanogen support page update (use the second file). First, transfer the update file to internal storage, and then boot into the stock recovery. Now hit “apply updates from storage”. Select the update file and proceed with the installation. For a detailed tutorial on using stock recovery, head over to this tutorial: How to install stock Oxygen OS ROM on OnePlus device via stock recovery. Alternatively, follow this guide (Method one there): How to Install Oxygen OS OTA update on OnePlus devices with Stock Recovery. This method may not work with every OnePlus device.

If you have the OTA update then you can flash the OTA using ADB sideload method as well. This is the manual method for installing the OTA zip file on most of the Android devices. For a tutorial, go to this page: How to install OTA updates on Android device using ADB sideload method?

Fastboot image files: How to restore OnePlus One to full stock using factory images?

If for any reason you have bricked your OnePlus One device, you can flash the factory image (fastboot image) and restore your device to complete stock. Moreover, you can also update OnePlus One to CM 13.1.2 using fastboot files if you want to revert back to stock and make your device good as new. This requires ADB and fastboot environment setup on your PC.

The fastboot file (factory image) will –

  • Restore/ Revert back your Android device back to stock on your OnePlus One with the latest CM ROM
  • Restore OnePlus device to factory state or OEM,
  • Unroot or uninstall custom recovery like TWRP from your OnePlus One.

So download the fastboot image from above or from this page: Official Cyanogen OS 13.0.1 ZNH0EAS2JK Fastboot Image For OnePlus One and follow our tutorial for OnePlus One: How to Restore OnePlus One To Stock Cyanogen OS 13.0.1 With Fastboot Files or Factory Image.  You may also refer to our detailed tutorial: How to Flash Factory Images On Android Devices. The first file is the fastboot file file. Follow and like us on social media. For queries, comment down below.

Source: OnePlus Forums, Cyanogen Support, XDA