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Update: Flyme OS 6 now available for download. FlyMe OS recently released an update to its v5.1.2 taking it to v5.1.3 for the Meizu MX5 and the Meizu PRO5. The upgrade comes to Meizu MX5 device for both, the Global as well as the Indian variants. It is an incremental upgrade and brings numerous bug fixes and stability improvements. This new version improves the connection to WiFi, the phone startup speed, fixes a problem unexpectedly reboot the phone and crashes related to the fingerprint sensor digital. The lock screen, the SMS application, and the file explorer has also received improvements. You can see the full changelog below. Now download Latest FlyMe OS 5.1.3 For Meizu MX5 and PRO5 and install it from below.

Hit the download section below to download and install the update right away. We have also listed some ways to flash the FlyMe OS update successfully. You should also find the list of all the FlyMe OS versions for all the Meizu devices. You can check out more changes brought to the FlyMe OS v5.1.3.0 from the official FlyMe OS forums listed in the source.

What’s New?

Groupchat assistant: when sending a message to a group of people, the system will recognize the contact name and send the message with each contact’s name in it.
Optimized multi-selecting experience to solve the freeze in checking multiple dialogues and pinning a dialogue on top;
Optimized the freezing issue when mark a bunch of messages as read;
Optimized the algorithm to fix the occasional message analysis bug;
Floating notifications: Quick replies to SMSs are available in floating notifications.

Added a display in Notification panel to show the app which is currently using GPS, and users can disable itdirectly on the panel.Optimized the icon for creating a new event in Calendar,Messages and Memos in which the icon is now put in the middle.
Optimized Wi-Fi connection.
Optimized the Talkback support for system apps;
Optimized the boot speed, whichis more prominent when the system installs a lot of apps.
Fixed the bug of the mCharge becomes slower than usual after a period ofusing.
Fixed the occasional system rebooting for noreason.
Fixed the occasional bug of the phone being unable to be unlocked by fingerprint after reboot;
Optimized system translation.

Fixed the bug when unplug the charger, the charging icon on status bar still exists;
Fixed the music background under locked screen where the background was not changing according to the song and the song display was not consistent with the song actually played;

Optimized the floating notification duration from 10 seconds to 5 seconds;
Fixed the problem when pull down the notification bar in English system, the date is missing weekday;
Fixed the abnormal real-time network speed when enable mobile data;

Adjusted the incoming call answering options.Users can define their own rejecting messages now;
Added the function of answering calls by longpress volume key;
Optimized the popped up options when hold a callhistory entry;
Optimized the contact selecting page where userscan now select contacts in groups;

Enhanced permission management for privacy protection;
Optimized the option by which users can choose custom power-saving mode;
Fixed the bug when the phone is under Supermode, there would be no unread message notifications for new messages;
Fixed the blank icon bug of some Google widgets;

Optimized auto download logic where anotification will be displayed once the upgrade is downloaded;
Adjusted the notification of downloading failure;

Fixed the bug of skipping service selecting page when booting an international version phone.
Fixed the missing of the Privacy Statement in traditional Chinese-HK.

Download Latest FlyMe OS 6 For Meizu MX5 and PRO5

UPDATE: Leaked Beta Firmware Update is now available for the Meizu PRO 5

Flyme OS 6 link above. For Meizu PRO 5 International variant → Download [Mirror] | This is the beta tester build for Meizu PRO 5 G variant

The download FlyMe OS 5.1.3 is available on the website of Meizu. Just follow the links below.

List of all the FlyMe OS version for all Meizu devices → Link

In order to install the update, transfer the firmware file to the OTA download location and then open it via stock file manager app. The update should begin. Alternatively, you can install it via stock recovery or use the ADB sideload method. For reference, go to our OTA upgrade tutorial from below.

How to update using stock recovery and ADB sideload:

Install Official Marshmallow OTA for Moto G2 and G3, Android 6.0 OTA Capture

To avoid loss of data & if required, please perform FlyMe or relevant backups before upgrading.
To avoid bricking the phone, do not turn off or reboot the device while upgrading.

Source: FlyMe Forum 

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