Stable One UI 5 Watch update with Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 (Classic) features for older devices

Earlier this month, Samsung rolled out One UI 5 Watch upgrade for the Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 series. The stable One UI 5 Watch OS update is finally rolling out in the United States starting today via stable channel. So if you have a Galaxy Watch 5 or Watch 4 series device, head over to the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone and download the latest software update for your Samsung watch.

Samsung also published an article with the title — “Samsung Brings the Latest Galaxy Z Fold5, Z Flip5, Tab S9 Series and Watch6 Series Experiences to Previous Devices.” As the blog post suggests, the new Watch 6 features have been baked into the One UI 5 Watch update.

The stable version is now out in the United States for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. It features build number R920XXU1BWH3 and weighs about 2 GB in size. Non-beta users are also receiving the update.

Official One UI 5 Watch update will be rolled out in the United States starting today. Soon will be released to Canada, Europe, India, South Africa, and more countries.

One UI 5 Watch update

Samsung introduced “One UI 5 Watch” OS update via beta program for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 series. It is based on Android 13 and built upon Google’s Wear OS 4.0.

It focuses on 3 key features — sleep management, fitness, and user safety.

However, one of the most anticipated features is the Backup and Restore functionality which has been implemented in the new firmware. We will also see the new Watch Face Studio from Wear OS 4 — a collaboration between Google and Samsung to bring new ways to design Watch Faces. Check out the full changelog below.

What’s new with One UI 5 Watch update?

The One UI 5 Watch update enhances your wellness journey with personalized features and style options for the Galaxy Watch5 and Watch4 series.

The upgraded sleep management feature offers intuitive insights into your sleep patterns, including Sleep Score Factors, Sleep Consistency, and Sleep Animal Symbols. Access Sleep Coaching directly from your wrist to track progress conveniently.

N 1 Software Update main6

Create a serene sleep environment as your Galaxy Watch adjusts home device settings when it’s time for bed. Activate Sleep Mode for an undistracted night’s rest with the invisible LED infrared sensor.

Empower your fitness goals with Personalized Heart Rate zones and optimal running intensity levels. Record track runs and customize workouts. Galaxy Watch5 Pro users can enjoy enhanced GPX features, exploring new routes with ease.

Experience heightened health monitoring with Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification (IHRN) for Galaxy Watch5 and Watch4 series users, providing comprehensive heart health insights.

Choose from a diverse range of stylish watch faces for Galaxy Watch5 and Watch4 users to match their style and goals. Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Watch3 users can also enjoy new watch faces soon including — Stretched time and Perpetual.

N 1 Software Update main7

Enhance your Galaxy ecosystem experience with optimized smartphone camera control. Use the quick access button on your Galaxy Watch to remotely control your paired Galaxy Z Flip4’s camera, switching modes and zooming seamlessly.

N 1 Software Update main8

Elevate your wearable experience with One UI 5 Watch — wellness, style, and connectivity in one update.

Stable One UI 5 Watch OS Full Changelog and Features

One UI Watch 5 OS is based on Android 13. This is a direct jump from Android 11 to 13, skipping the 12. You will also see Google Wear OS 4 features in the upcoming updates.

Watch faces and tiles

  • Add watch faces and tiles more easily
    • A new vertical layout makes it easier to find the watch faces and tiles that are right for you.
  • Improved Buds controller tile
    • You can now turn 360 audio on and off from the Buds controller tile if your Buds support 360 audio.
  • Quick access to timers
    • You can start timers from the new

Timer tile without opening the Timer app.

  • Set an album or story as your watch face
    • Instead of just one picture, you can now make your watch face cycle between pictures in an album or story that you select. Your watch face will change to a different picture each time you turn on the watch screen.

Samsung Health

  • Automatically record cycling workouts – Samsung Health can now detect when you start cycling and record your workout automatically. You can also set whether to automatically map your cycling routes.
  • Get heart rate guidance during running workouts
    • Your watch can provide personalized heart rate zones while you run to help you manage your exercise intensity.

Backup and restore

  • Keep your watch data safe
    • Files and data from your watch are periodically backed up to your phone when connected to it. You can also save backups to Samsung
  • Cloud. Your phone needs the latest version of the Smart Switch app to use this feature.

Control your phone

  • More call controls
    • You now have more control over calls without touching your phone. You can adjust the call volume, mute sound, and press buttons on the keypad, all from your watch.

Additional changes

  • Dictate text with the Home button
    • Just press and hold the Home button any time you’re entering text with Samsung Keyboard to instantly switch to voice input.
  • Use multiple timers at once
    • You can now have up to 20 timers running at the same time to help keep track of all your tasks.
  • Share your medical info in an emergency
    • A button to access your medical info will appear automatically when a hard fall is detected or when you press the Home button 5 times to start the

Emergency SOS feature.

  • Device care
    • Check the status of your watch’s battery, storage, and memory and immediately fix any problems to extend battery life and keep your watch running smoothly.
  • Control your watch without touching it
    • Universal gestures let you control your watch without touching the screen or pressing a button. You can assign various actions to gestures such as shaking your wrist, making a fist, or pinching your fingers.
  • Organize apps in folders
    • Create folders to keep your apps organized so you can find the apps you need quickly with less scrolling.
  • Software update information
    • Size: 1.7 GB
    • Security patch level: July 1, 2023

Download One UI 5 Watch update for Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5

One UI Watch 5.0 firmware update is available for download on the Galaxy Watch 4 (Bluetooth) (LTE) (Classic) and Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro via stable channel.

  • Connect your watch to your phone via Bluetooth.
  • Turn on WiFi on your watch and connect to a WiFi network.
  • Launch Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.
  • Visit Watch settings > Watch software update.
  • Download OTA updates.

Alternatively, on your watch:

  • Turn on WiFi on your watch and connect to a WiFi network for faster downloads.
  • Visit settings > system updates > download OTA updates to check for any updates.

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