Latest YouTube Vanced APK Download v18.17.43 and YT Music 6.01.55

YouTube ReVanced Extended (or simply YouTube Vanced) is a popular app that enhances the user experience on YouTube by providing a range of features such as AD blocking, old YouTube layouts, old resolution selection, Sponsor block, and much more. Here, download the latest YouTube ReVanced extended APK with the latest Vanced patches based on the newer YouTube client 18.17.43 or later. Also, get the latest YouTube Vanced Music v6.01.55 APK.

While you can install the latest YouTube Vanced v18, it is possible that the application may experience occasional stutters and may not provide a seamless experience. The Revanced Extended app offers smoother and more intuitive navigation. The application has been optimized to function faster, with superior performance and a trimmed-down interface.

Here are some of the key features of YouTube ReVanced eXtended:

Remove Ads: One of the most significant advantages of using YouTube Vanced is the ability to remove ads. The app includes several patches that remove both general and video ads in the YouTube player.

Seekbar Tapping: YouTube Vanced also enables tapping on the seekbar of the YouTube player. This means that you can jump to any part of the video by tapping on the seekbar, rather than having to drag the slider.

Amoled Theme: The app also includes an Amoled theme, which is essentially a pure black theme. This not only looks great but also helps save battery life on devices with AMOLED displays.

Hide Cast Button: If you don’t use the Cast feature of YouTube, you can patch the app to hide the Cast button. This can help reduce clutter on the screen.

Disable Create Button: Similarly, if you don’t use the Create feature of YouTube, you can disable the Create button to reduce clutter.

Minimized Playback: YouTube Vanced also enables minimized and background playback. This means that you can continue to listen to audio from a YouTube video even if you switch to another app or turn off the screen.

Old Quality Layout: If you prefer the original quality flyout menu, you can enable it in YouTube Vanced. This feature is particularly useful for users who are used to the old layout and find the new one confusing.

Hide YT Shorts: If you don’t use the Reels feature of YouTube, you can patch the app to hide the Reels button. This can help reduce clutter on the screen.

Disable Shorts Button: Similarly, if you don’t use the Shorts feature of YouTube, you can disable the Shorts button to reduce clutter.

Locale Config Fix: In some cases, users may experience issues with the app due to incorrect locale settings. YouTube Vanced includes a fix for this issue that can help resolve such problems.

Resource Provider for Resource Mapping: The app includes a resource provider for resource mapping, although it’s unclear what exactly this feature does.

To summarize:

  • Include Remove Ads
  • Include Seekbar Tapping
  • Include Amoled Theme
  • Include Premium Heading
  • Include Custom Branding
  • Include Hide Cast Button
  • Include Disable Create Button
  • Include Minimized Playback
  • Include old Quality Layout
  • Include Hide Reels
  • Include Disable Shorts Button
  • Include Locale Config Fix (Recommended if compilation failed)
  • Include Microg Support (Recommended on Non-Rooted Devices!)
  • Include Resource Provider For Resource Mapping (Unknown)

Download YouTube Revanced Extended APK

Here are all the versions of YT Revanced Extended for root and non-root with Magisk support.

Based on YT v18.17.43

YouTube Music Revanced Extended APK Download

Based on YT Music v6.01.55

Download Vanced microG APK

microG is a very important app if you want to log in to YouTube. This is a free and open-source (FOSS) alternative to Google Play Services; which is required for Google sign-in

Previous stable YouTube Vanced APK

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