Expert Raw APK Download for Galaxy S20 Ultra Note 20 Ultra and Fold 2

Update October 4, 2022: The latest Expert Raw v1.0.05.4 is now available for download for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, and Fold 2.

Original: Samsung released a new Expert Raw app at the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy Tab S8 series launch event earlier this year. The first stable version released last month in support for the previous generation Galaxy devices. Today’s Expert Raw update v1.0.05.4 (2022.09.30) is special as it features the long-awaited support for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, and the Fold 2.

Expert Raw is a companion app for the stock Samsung Camer app that brings Google Camera capabilities to several Android devices.

Samsung community (Korea) moderator Camera 1 charge states clearly in this blogpost –Introducing the Expert RAW app update. (Supports S20U, N20U, Fold2). You can lear more about all the changes in the latest version in our previous article.

What is Samsung Expert RAW Camera App?

Expert Raw, a multi-frame-based raw format, provides even more flexible options on top of the default Samsung camera app. The expert raw app unlocks camera features giving you full control of the autofocus, ISO, EV, and white balance settings. With access to all of that rich metadata, you can edit like a pro directly on your Galaxy S22 with Adobe Lightroom.

The app also enables users to fully utilize the phone’s primary, ultrawide, 3x telephoto, and 10x telephoto cameras. Some of the features include exposure value, focus, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance adjustments. Both photographs and videos can benefit from these settings.

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra introduced Pro Mode option in its default camera app. However, it only works with the phone’s primary and ultrawide cameras. The device’s telephoto cameras aren’t supported by the built-in Pro Mode. You can solve this issue by using Expert RAW camera app.

You can also edit highlights, shadows, saturation, and hue from photos; similar to the default Galaxy S21 Ultra camera app. It features histogram, HDR support, and the ability to export photographs in Lossless JPG and 16-bit Linear DNG RAW formats.

Read more on this Samsung Community post, Samsung blog post, or watch the trailer below.

Check out the Expert Raw promotional video by Samsung:

YouTube video

Screenshots of Samsung Expert Raw Camera App:

Samsung Camera Expert RAW Features and Changelog

The Expert Raw app comes with features like:

  • Full control of camera’s lenses
  • ISO
  • autofocus
  • White Balance
  • EV
  • Shutter Speed

Support Specifications

  • Linear DNG 16bit raw
  • Lossless JPEG
  • HDR
  • Professional mode functions such as ISO, Shutter-Speed, EV, Manual Focus, White Balance, Histogram, etc.
  • UW, Wide, Tele(3x), Tele(10x) lens support 

Supported models and OS

  • Android 12 (S) OS or higher

However, there may be slight differences in processing time and image quality for the Galaxy S20U, Note 20U, and Fold 2 compared to previous models due to AP and sensor limitations.


  • Supports One UI 5.0 Android 13
  • New support of ‘Custom Preset’
  • Image quality improvements in low light.
  • Faster processing time in low-light environment.
  • Image quality improvements in various scenes.
  • Adobe Lightroom GUI in Viewer.
  • Fixed the problem where the app won’t run after downloading.
  • Fixed pixel blur.
  • Improved JPG quality at night.

 1. Setting value saving function (Custom Preset)

A new function has been added that allows you to save frequently used camera settings and use them again for the next shot.

You can save, apply, and delete settings through the preset icon at the bottom right of the preview.

From now on, I will explain how to use it in a simple way.

  • Save settings

    When the user changes the camera settings, the + icon is activated and the currently set camera settings can be saved.

  • Apply setting value

    If there are previously saved settings, you can select a preset saved in advance. When the preset is applied, the preset icon changes to yellow.

    You can also cancel presets by using the Reset Existing Camera Settings function.

  • Delete set value

    If you no longer use the saved settings, you can also delete them by long-pressing each preset.


2. Save pictures in

Added a settings menu to select the file format for saving photos of Expert RAW.

Through this menu, you can save both RAW and JPEG as before, or you can choose to create RAW or JPEG only .

Expert Raw settings screenshot
Expert Raw settings screenshot

Latest Samsung Expert RAW APK Download

Samsung’s Expert Raw camera app gives photographers a way of accessing the uncompressed data of an image (called RAW), straight from the camera sensor.

Expert Raw Profile

Download from Samsung Galaxy Store

The Expert Raw app is now available in more countries including the UK. So you can directly download the app w from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

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