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Download GAPPS for Android 13 | Google Installer APK

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GAPPS for Android 13 Download

Last month, Google released the most anticipated Android 13 firmware update for the Pixel smartphones. This new update is hitting non-Pixel devices right now via beta programs or stable channels from the respective smartphone manufacturers. Custom ROM development has also begun, so, users need Gapps packages. Here, download GAPPS for Android 13.

Android 13 focuses on controls for “privacy and security” for the end-user. It improves privacy, adds security, focuses on developer productivity, brings an enhanced Material You-based wallpaper theme engine, as well as adapts to screens of all sizes including tablets and larger screens.

Google has listed all the new Android 13 features and changes on this page: Google Pixel Update – Android 13. In addition to this, Google also published a blogpost featuring 13 new features in Android 13.

Here is a summary of Android 13 features:

  • Android 13 comes with more customization with the new Material You design
  • Enhanced privacy and security
  • Adjust to any screen — like smartphone, tablet, laptop
  • Updated media player and more widgets that tailors its look and feel based on the content
  • Updated Digital Wellbeing
  • Improved Copy and Paste
  •  Copy content — like a URL, picture, text, or video — from your Android phone and paste it onto your tablet.
  • Fewer Notifications
  • Better Tablet Support
  • Quick QR Code Scanner
  • Improved Media Player
  • Smart-Home Controls on the Lock Screen
  • Double Tap for Flashlight
  • Bluetooth LE Audio Support
  • Encrypted Group Chats
  • Different Languages for Apps
  • The New Google Wallet

Google Apps (Gapps)

GAPPS, also referred to as Google Apps package, features apps like GMS (Google Mobile Services), Play Services, Play Store, YouTube, Google Assistant, Chrome, and more.

Latest Android 13 GSI (Generic System Image) is now available for download publicly. The AOSP sources are also available.

Android 13 custom ROMs are already popping up for various devices. Some are pre-installed with Gapps compatibility.

Here, download the latest Gapps packages for custom ROMS that do not come with Google Apps pre-installed like the Lineage OS 20.

Download Android 13 Gapps for ARM & ARM 64 Devices

Here you will find Gapps that support the latest Android 13 ROM compatible with several device architectures (ARM 64, ARM, X86). You can: Easily Find Processor Architecture on Android Device: Find arm, arm64, x86 and all CPU Info.

Gapps packages are available from LiteGapps as flashable zips. In the part 2, you may also try the Google Installer APK. It may or may not work though.

NikGApps [Android 13] [GApps] [ARM64]

BitGapps Android 13


This includes LiteGapps by litegapps and wahyu6070.

Open Gapps for Android 13

The Open Gapps will be released for Android 13 soon!

  • Download Open Gapps for Android 13 | coming soon…

Stay tuned for Open Gapps and more.

Android 13 GAPPS APK: Google Apps Installer APK

This Google Installer APK is the quickest way to install necessary Google Apps on your Android devices without going into TWRP recovery. It will install Google Apps like Play Services and the Play Store.

Later, you can manually download the rest of the Google Apps from the Play Store. We have also posted the Google Installer APK in the first link.

  • Google Installer APK | Downloads (post link)

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