Android 12L or Android 12.1 GAPPS Download

Google, last month, released Android 12L firmware update for the Pixel series. This new update is hitting Pixel and other Android devices with the build number Android 12.1. For those who don’t know, Android 12L and Android 12.1 are essentially the same, as verified by arstechnica. Here, download the Gapps for Android 12L or 12.1.

According to Google, Android 12L is a special feature drop that makes Android 12 even better on tablets and foldable devices. It started rolling out with March 2022 security patch level for several Pixel devices. The new 12.1 build has been optimized and polished for large screens, made multitasking more powerful and intuitive, and improved compatibility support so apps look better right out of the box.

Starting March 2022, you will mostly see Android 12.1 builds. As the AOSP source code is also available publicly, several Android 12L/12.1 custom ROMs are popping such as the recently updated Lineage OS 19.1 ROM. Android 12 GSI (Generic System Image) are also available for download directly from Google.

As we know, most custom ROMS and GSI builds do not come with Google Apps pre-installed. You need to flash separate Gapps packages onto your ROM.

Gapps, also referred to as Google apps, come as separate packages like the Play Services, Play Store, YouTube, Google Assistant, Chrome, and more.

However, Google also upgraded the SDK from 31 to 32. This means Google Apps or Gapps packages from Android 12 won’t work on Android 12L/12.1 as they are now targetting API level 32.

At this point, we only have a couple of Android 12L Gapps packages available for download. Download below.

Download Android 12L/12.1 Gapps for ARM & ARM 64 Devices

Here you will find Gapps that support the latest Android 12L ROM compatible with several device architectures (ARM 64, ARM, X86). You can: Easily Find Processor Architecture on Android Device: Find arm, arm64, x86 and all CPU Info.

Gapps packages are available from a handful of developers like MindTheGapps and flamegapps with flashable zips. In the part 2, you may also try the Google Installer APK. It may or may not work though.

Android 12.1 and Android 12L GAPPS Download

Android 12L/12.1 is quite new. So the Gapps or Google Apps take some time to develop. Currently, only a couple of Gapps for Android 12L are available. This includes MindTheGapps and a custom/modified Gapps from Android 12 that works with Android 12.1.

FalmeGapps Mod for Android 12.1

Most Gapps didn’t update for Android 12L. The SDK bumped from 31 to 32. Thanks to XDA developer Ivan_Meler for editing Falmegapps from Android 12 that work with Android 12.1.

Stay tuned for Open Gapps and more.

GAPPS APK: Google Apps Installer APK for Android 12L

This Google Installer APK is the quickest way to install necessary Google Apps on your Android devices without going into TWRP recovery. It will install Google Apps like Play Services and the Play Store.

Later, you can manually download the rest of the Google Apps from the Play Store. We have also posted the Google Installer APK in the first link.

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