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It’s an unfortunate time for the YouTube community as the beloved YouTube Vanced project has been discontinued. Following an alleged legal threat from Google, the popular Vanced YouTube app will be withdrawn. The project’s founders also announced that the project will be shut down; and at the time of writing this, the official sources are gone. However, we have managed to preserve the latest YouTube Vanced APK downloads ranging from the latest v17.03.38 all the way back to the stable v14.

According to The Verge, Google forced YouTube Vanced to shut down due to legal reasons. The source continues by saying that Google sent the Vanced owners a cease and desist letter recently, and that forced the developers to stop distributing and developing the app.

Here is what the official Vanced Twitter account posted:

The thread continues by saying “Currently installed versions will work just fine until they become outdated in 2 years or so.” While YouTube Vanced may no longer be developed, the app still works!

latest YouTube Vanced 17.03.38 Features

Moreover, the Vanced developer team just recently dropped a major update to the popular YouTube Vanced app with version 17.03.38. It brought the most anticipated Return YouTube Dislike integration right into the YouTube app.

As you already know, YouTube removed the dislike button count from the entire platform. Although the dislike button is still present, it’s essentially pointless now because disliking does next to nothing. The reasoning behind the removal of YouTube dislike count can be found from this video from the YouTube Creators channel.

This gave birth to a new ReturnYouTubeDislike project (and chrome extension) that we talked about in our previous post. Google also removed the YouTube API which helped display YouTube dislike count; which the project heavily depended on. However, this is not the end. The developer has made the project open source and called upon us (the users) to take matters into our own hands. The more people use ReturnYouTubeDislike in some form, the better YouTube dislike counter will work.

Checkout this stunning video from Linus Tech Tips explaining the whole thing:

YouTube video

As Adblocking is native to the Vanced app, you can now also whitelist channels to show video ads and support your favorite creators.

YouTube Vanced became very popular because it is a modded YouTube client, which added advanced functionalities on top of the default app. Features such as:

  • Features the option of an amoled black theme to reduce eye and battery strain.
  • Blocks All videos ads and allows you to play videos in the background or in Picture in Picture (only on android 8.0 and up)
  • Swipe controls allow you to control brightness and volume like how it is in other video player apps such as VLC or MX Player (with configurable padding).
  • New auto repeat feature allowing you to enjoy videos like tiktoks/vines or simply continue playing a song on loop.
  • Not liking the new comments section or miniplayer? Those also can be toggled to the tablet versions which are very similar to the old version (albeit slightly buggy).
  • Sponsor Block: Features the ability to skip annoying sponsor segments (where a youtuber advertises a service or product in the middle of a video)
  • Customization: Allows you to override Codec options such as forcing H264 for old devices or VP9, this also allows you to force HDR playback or turn off 60fps if you prefer a cinematic experience.
  • And much more…

YouTube Vanced 17.03.38 Changelog

Main changes:

• Bumped base
• ReturnYouTubeDislike integration (closes #1394)
• Channel whitelisting for video ads
• Improved ad-blocking
• Comments location (alpha) has been removed (because Google pushed new comments to tablet UI)
• Added tablet style under swipe controls for partially disabling recommended videos in landscape mode and other tablet styled UI
• Added support for themed icon (Android 13+)

Sponsorblock changes:

• added support for channel whitelisting (see the “Channel whitelisting” toggle in sb settings)
• added support for setting the minimum segment duration
• added the filler category
• replaced the “Change colors” button with a text field inside of each category’s setting
• 403 messages (warns, locked video/segment) will now be properly displayed
• added an option to enable SB browser button.
• option to change the API URL


• On new action bar layouts(server-sided feature), the new toggles won’t work.
(Currently, about 15-20% users are affected)
• all the usual previous issues relating to Chromecast, codec override and swipe down gesture to refresh.

Moreover, you get all the features from the previous Youtube Vanced version 16. The previous YouTube Vanced v16.14.34 update fixed the Google account not signing in bug.

Download Latest YouTube Vanced APK

As the Vanced project has been discontinued, the official Vanced Manager app may not work. It is better to download the YouTube Vanced APK, Vanced Music app, and the latest microG versions directly from below.

APK Download

Direct Download Links (New source)

Backup Direct Download Links

All the Latest YouTube Vanced Versions – APK Download

Alternatively, if you just want the standalone APK or want the older versions of YouTube Vanced, download them from the tutorials below.

Download Latest Vanced microG APK

microG is a very important app if you want to log in to YouTube. This is a free and open-source (FOSS) alternative to Google Play Services; which is required for Google sign-in.

Download Youtube Music Vanced APK

How to Install YouTube Vanced Split APKS?

If you are going for the standalone APK, go for the following series of steps:

  • Install the microG app first. (Required for Google Account sign in)
  • Install the latest YouTube Vanced app using Split Installer (SAI), Download APK, SAI-4.5.apk.
  • Launch YouTube Vanced and sign in to your Google account

Useful tutorials:

Root Method: How to install YouTube Vanced APK

Check out the video tutorial on how to install YouTube Vanced or Vanced YT using root method on Youtube.

Thanks to Norikiru for the download repository.

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