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Youtube Vanced v16.16.38 just popped up with a huge update and HotFix for the preferred video quality fix. If you don’t already know, Google just recently rolled out a new “video quality preference” feature with the new YouTube 16.16.34 update. You can now set your prefered video quality for mobile data, WiFi, etc.

YouTube Vanced also has a custom setting that did the exact same thing. This replication of settings led to the Vanced app’s “preferred video quality” feature to malfunction; resulting in excessive data consumption while watching videos. This has been fixed in the latest YouTube Vanced 1v6.16.38 APK.

Additionally, it also brings a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes. This includes fix for extreme battery drain, random switching to white theme fix, sponsorblock buttons getting stuck at the end of videos, and much more. You can check out the complete changelog below.

Moreover, you get all the features from previous Youtube Vanced version 16. The previous YouTube Vanced v16.14.34 update fixed the Google account not signing in.

Here we have the updated Vanced Manager 2.6.0 APK where you can get the latest microG v0.2.18.210500 and latest YouTube Music v4.25.52; alongside the main YouTube app.

Alternatively, you can now also download the standalone APKs file and install it using Split Installer app. This will get rid of the additional Vanced Manager app.

Changelog for YouTube Vanced v16.16.38

-based on YouTube v16.16.38

– preferred quality for videos fixed

– battery drain fixed

– random switching to white theme fixed

– sponsorblock buttons getting stuck at the end of videos fixed

– video id not getting set on sponsorblock and copy url button fixed

– swipe controls fixed (however in order to make them work end cards have to be disabled now while swipe controls are on)

Known issues:

– casting still broken on nonroot due to microG, it will need to be patched upstream first or a bypass will need to be found, use stock youtube for now or root vanced (vanced does not block casting ads)

– preferred quality not working on portrait videos (has been an issue since 15.x)

Latest YouTube Vanced 16.16.38 APK Download

Download latest YouTube Vanced v16.16.38 APK, Vanced Manager 2.6.0 APK, and the latest Vanced Music 4.25.52 APK below.

There are multiple ways to install YouTube Vanced. One is using the Manager app that can seamlessly install the YouTube Vanced, Music app, and all the necessary apps like microG on various Android smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, Android boxes, etc. It comes officially from the developers.

Alternatively, you can also download and install the standalone APKs file from below. You can install the APKS file using Split Installer app found on Play Store.

1. Download Vanced Manager APK (2.6.0)

Vanced Manager is a container app for all the Vanced apps like YouTube and Music. The developers added a new Vanced Music app similar to the YouTube client, but for Music!

Note: Vanced servers are down as of writing this post. You can settle for the standalone APK listed below in the meantime.


  • Download and install Vanced Manager APK. (link above)
  • Launch Vanced Manager app.
  • Install microG from the app first. (required for Google Account sign in)
  • Install latest YouTube Vanced app from the manager.
  • Launch YouTube Vanced and sign in to your Google account

2. YouTube Vanced 16.16.38 Standalone APK or Split APKS

Here is the complete package with multiple language support! Simply download the YouTube Vanced APKS bundle (split/multiple apps) and install using an open source Split APK. It comes with multiple language support including en, fr, ja, pt. However, there’s a downside to this. You will need a separate app to install this.


  • YouTube Vanced v16.16.38 APKS | Gdrive APK download (standalone APK, install via Split installer)

Download latest Vanced microG APK

microG is very important app if you want to login to YouTube. This is a free and open source (FOSS) alternative to Google Play Services; which is required for Google sign in.

How to install YouTube Vanced?

If you are going for the standalone APK, go for the following series of steps:

  • Install the microG app first. (Required for Google Account sign in)
  • Install the latest YouTube Vanced app using Split Installer (SAI), Download APK, SAI-4.2.apk.
  • Launch YouTube Vanced and sign in to your Google account

Useful tutorials:

Previous YouTube Vanced 15.43.32 Standalone APK and Bundled APKM/APKS. You can also download the previous YouTube Vanced v15.05.54 APK as well as the older YouTube Vanced v14 for comments below recommendations.

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  1. jnxr Avatar

    Thanks for uploading .apks since I’ve always been unable to make it work when installing via vanced manager.

  2. jnxr Avatar

    Can you do a rooted version as well? I have disabled signature check throughout system for specifically installing this. Will enable after installation.

  3. jnxr Avatar

    Can you do the rooted version as well? I have disabled signature verification specifically for installing this, will enable after installation.

  4. Sarang Avatar

    You can use the Magisk module on rooted devices.

  5. Geekb0rg Avatar

    Vanced is no longer available via Magisk.

    Please make an APKS of the root version because the installation via vanced-manager does not work.

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