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The latest Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.8.0 update patch notes just went live. The developer, Krafton, also posted the rollout schedule for the upcoming BGMI update. Spoiler, it’s today! The newest patch notes feature quite some new features and performance improvements. So download and install the latest BGMI 1.8.0 APK and OBB files.

The latest BGMI 1.8 update will start rolling out between January 14 (Fri) 12:30 IST to January 14 (Fri) 20:00 IST on the Play Store for Android OS platform. As for the iOS platform, the Apple App Store listing will update on January 14 (Fri) 16:30 IST.

The BGMI 1.8 update is unofficially termed AfterMath featuring a new Classic map with the same name. Starting with the 1.8 updates, BGMI will be categorized into Unranked and Ranked Modes. As the name suggests, the Unranked mode does not give rating points. Ideal for players who are just practicing and don’t want to lose ranking. Whereas, the Ranked Mode features the ranking system; for players who are competitive and want to score.

The following chart will show you which maps and modes are Unranked and Ranked:

Unranked and Ranked modes in PUBG Mobile 1.8 update

That said, a new Unranked Classic Mode map is now available to play in BGMI 1.8.0 update called AfterMath. Bombs and volcanic eruptions have transformed the terrain of the small island of Livik. Many years later, the survivors intensify their training in order to face new threats in the future.

Some of the improvements and features in Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.8 update are as follows:

Feature Improvements: Removed the Drop Tactics feature. Classic Mode no longer supports multiple selections.

Location Improvements: Removed Mode Records and only retained the mode location. Enhanced visual performance.

Screen Improvements: Updated the mode selection screen to simplify its content, improve controls, make the screen more concise, and make controls more convenient.

IP Themed Game ModesSpider-Man

From January 12, 02:00 (UTC +0) to February 14, 23:59 (UTC +0), toggle on the themed mode when selecting Classic Mode, and set the map to Erangel – Spider-Man

From January 15, 02:00 (UTC +0) to February 14, 23:59 (UTC +0), toggle on the themed mode when selecting Classic Mode, and set the map to Livik – Spider-Man.

Checkout the complete BGMI patch notes from the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update patch notes section.

BGMI 1.8.0 APK Download

BGMI 1.6.5 update will be available for download later this month, possibly by October 16, 2021. Update before October 19 to get rewards. Here, you will get to download the BGMI update before anyone else with APK + OBB files listed below. So stay tuned1

Installation: First, install the BGMI APK. It should create a proper OBB folder. Download the OBB file, which should be called main. 15900 .com.pubg.imobile.obb and paste it under Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile folder.

Note: The BGMI APK with arm64 is for Android 10 and above. Whereas, the BGMI APK with arm is for Android 4.3+. Easily Find Phone Architecture – arm, arm64, x86 and all CPU Info.

Download instructions: While you can still download BGMI game safely from the Play Store and Apple App Store. listing directly from Google servers globally including North America, Europe, and the rest of Asia, the listing may not show for Indian users. So you can download the APK from below and OBB for offline downloads.

Download BGMI APK + OBB from Google Servers

You can use our APK Downloader to get the APK and OBB files for download. The links come directly from Google servers. So its safe.

Simply put in the following URL where it asks and choose options like “Android 10” and “Samsung Phones“. OR just leave it as “Default

BattleGrounds Mobile India 1.6.5 APK Downloader
BattleGrounds Mobile India 1.6.5 APK Downloader from Google Play

First, install the BGMI APK. It should create a proper OBB folder. Download the OBB file, extract the zip to get a folder called or com.pubg.imobile and place it under Android > OBB folder.

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