Download Universal Media Creation Tool Wrapper Script

Official Windows 11 update 21H2 build 22000 is now available for download and is hitting Windows 10 devices across the globe as a free upgrade. You can also download Windows 11 Update via Windows 11 ISO, Update Assistant, Media Creation Tool from our latest post.

However, there are minimum requirements set by Microsoft for Windows 11 upgrade eligibility. Older generation CPU and hardware are not compatible. Plus, your PC must have TPM 1.2 or later and Secure boot enabled in BIOS. This also includes some other requirements listed here.

Thanks to developer Aveyo and his/her’s stunning Github project called Universal Media Creation Tool Wrapper, you can now bypass all the setup checks for a seamless Windows 11 installation. Simply keep the “No Check” scripts in the Universal MCT wrapper running at all times while Windows 11 is set up is in progress. It will automatically detect the Windows Installation Assistant activities and bypass the checks without a flinch.

So no more minimum CPU requirements. If your PC can run Windows 10, it can most certainly run Windows 11.

Universal MCT Wrapper Script Features

  • Bypass TPM checks
  • Bypass UEFI, Secure Boot checks
  • Bypass Processor Checks
  • Bypass RAM checks
  • Bypass Graphics card checks
  • Bypass System firmware checks

Download Universal Media Creation Tool Wrapper Script

How to use Universal Media Creation Tool Wrapper Script?

  • The latest Universal MCT wrapper somes with this script “no_11_setup_checks_on_dynamic_update.cmd” and the Media Creation Tool EXE to download ISO.
  • You can also download Windows 11 ISO faster from here.
  • Under the MCT folder, simply keep the script “no_11_setup_checks.cmd” or “auto.cmd”running in the background as administrator.
  • Mount Windows 11 ISO in Windows.
  • Enter Windows 11 mount drive.
  • Run Setup.exe.
  • While the installation setup is in progression, the script will automatically block the minimum requirements check.

Thanks to the Github project Universal MediaCreationTool wrapper by AveYo.

Detailed tutorial here:

The older version will consist of scripts “Skip_TPM_Check_on_Dynamic_Update_v2.cmd“.

More downloads and tutorials:

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