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Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 kicks off with a brand new community update titled Day of Reckoning. Following the huge CODM update that basically laid the foundation for Season 2 and also showed us what’s the future for the game is, here is the Season 2 community update with several new changes and bugs fixes for a much better gameplay. So download and install latest Call of Duty Mobile – Day of Reckoning APK update.

The much awaited Pursuit gameplay mode is now available and is full of new rewards. According to the official Call of Duty Mobile Pursuit Blog post, each player is given command over their own Warrior class Special Ops soldier. You can send your fighter out on different operations for a chance to earn event rewards. This includes the Epic Type 25 – Sanguine weapon Blueprint.

What’s New With Call of Duty: Mobile – Day of Reckoning?

Here are all the changes in the latest community update. The following changelog comes from the official CODM reddit channel.

Community Update

Call of Duty: Mobile Community! Season 2: Day of Reckoning is in full swing with the featured event, Pursuit, now available and full of new rewards to collect. We’ll have more details on that below, but the first thing we’d like to address this week is something that is important to many players out there and always asked about every single week – ZOMBIES!

Our original ZOMBIES map, Shi No Numa, will soon be available in the Chinese version of Call of Duty: Mobile. For the rest of the world we haven’t forgotten about you! Hang tight a bit longer Call of Duty: Mobile players – we are planning to release a new ZOMBIES experience later in the year.

We’ll talk about that more once we get closer, but for now let’s talk about another hot topic – weapon balance. Today we are releasing another public test build specifically all about weapon balance changes! We are looking for your feedback and for you to check out some changes we already have in mind for the next update. Find all of those details below in the first section of this update after the news.

On the bug and feedback front this week we are going to keep it light and instead focus entirely on events, modes, and the test build. Let’s jump in and check it all out!

New Updates

Here is a quick look at all of the latest in-game events and modes:
  • 03/24 ~ Two New Seasonal Challenges
    Acquire the SP-R 208 in the Elite Marksman challenge
  • 03/26 – 04/08 ~ S2 Main Event – Pursuit
  • 03/26 – 04/01 ~ Gunfight Sniper Mode (MP)
    Grab some rewards just for playing through the Deadeye Trio event
  • 03/26 – 04/01 ~ BR Sniper Mode
  • 03/26 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 03/29 – 04/04 ~ Industrial Revolution (MP Playlist)
  • 03/31 – 04/06 ~ 10v10 Collection (MP Playlist)
  • 03/31 ~ Gold or Nothing Seasonal Challenge

*All Dates UTC

We may be halfway through the season but the events, modes, and store updates just keep on coming! Before we dive into any of that let’s first jump into the public test build.

Pursuit Event
The main event for the season, Pursuit, went live late last week and in this event each player has their own Warrior class Special Ops solider who they can strengthen with XP earned in game. The more strength, the better probability your Warrior can collect loot during his operation.

To strengthen your Warrior just play MP matches, BR games, or any of the special modes that Season 2 has to offer!

To collect your hard-earned loot in Pursuit, send your Warrior on operations. These operations will have a higher chance to bring home better rewards the higher strength your Warrior has! After your second operation you will have a cooldown before you can run another operation, but all that XP you earn between operations can still be used to strengthen your Warrior still so keep on grinding.
An operation can bring back any of the following items:
  • Chainsaw Charm
  • Last Will camo on Boat, Motorcycle, DR-H, AK-47, Arctic .50, HG 40.
  • Prepared Sticker
  • Weapon XP Cards
  • Tourniquet Camo on MW11, DL Q33, Medic.
  • (Epic) Type 25 – Sanguine

Additionally, once you get your Warrior up to the max strength you will earn the Special Ops 1 – Pitch Black operator. Now it’s time to hop in and to start gaining strength, running operations, and getting that loot!

Seasonal Challenges
Two new seasonal challenges released last week and they brought with them the newest sniper rifle, the SP-R 208, and a brand-new melee weapon, the Shovel! In total there six challenges available to power through right now and with a variety of rewards ranging from weapons to perks! However, there is also another new challenge, Gold or Nothing, launching later this week.

Once Gold or Nothing launches that will be the last seasonal challenge for Season 2, so make sure to jump on these while you have the chance. Check out the details and rewards below for those three:

Elite Marksmen
This six-part Seasonal Challenge is all about using snipers in Multiplayer and BR! In general, the tasks require you just to head out there and collect some wins while getting kills with snipers, but there are also a few specific tasks asking you to use the NA-45 in particular. Thankfully, there is a NA-45 available in the Credit Store right now. Complete all of those tasks and you can earn a collective 21,000 Battle Pass XP and the following:

  • (Uncommon) J358 – Ripped Camo

  • (Uncommon) Locus – Ripped Camo

  • (Rare) Avatar – Talon

  • New Weapon – SP-R 208

That new SP-R 208 is a high damage bolt action sniper rifle and we’ve already seen many players using this one in surprising ways, like iron sights only and in close quarters combat. If you have the skill to make those quick reactions and precise upper body shots then this weapon is ideal for you.

BR Buff

The six-part Seasonal Challenge is all about Battle Royale and doing a variety of normal tasks that vary from uses class abilities to just placing in the top 10 of a match. If you complete all of those tasks you can earn a collective 21,000 Battle Pass XP and the following:

  • (Uncommon) Clown – Ripped Camo

  • (Uncommon) Scout – Ripped Camo

  • (Uncommon) Peacekeeper MK2 – Ripped Camo

  • (Rare) Peacekeeper MK2 – Imprint

Gold or Nothing
This seven-part Seasonal Challenge is likely to be the most challenging of these three since it requires you to earn a variety of different medals in Multiplayer matches. You’ll be tasked with earning tough medals like Relentless and Brutal, and more common medals like Avenger or Headshots. If you complete all of those tasks you can earn a collective 24,000 Battle Pass XP and the following:

  • (Uncommon) HBRa3 – Ripped Camo
  • (Epic) Charm – Salty
  • New Melee Weapon – Shovel

Gunfight Snipers Mode
Another new Multiplayer mode has released in this last week and it is another variation of Gunfight! This time around you’ll be asked to fight with snipers only. It is the same rules and setup as normal Gunfight with two teams duking out in skill-based rounds where you are given pre-selected loadouts on symmetrical maps.

Everything is balanced to make sure that the only thing holding you back from victory is skill, tactics, and teamwork. Don’t forget to check into the events page and the new Deadeye Trio event to see what rewards you can collect just through playing Gunfight Snipers! Best of luck out there and may the best team win!

Credit Store Update
It wouldn’t be another community update with another credit store update and due to the odd timing of this update we actually have two to highlight! These release every other week and usually each update we vary the types of items being added. Some weeks will be entirely focused on weapon blueprints or camos, while last week it is a mixture of weapons, perks, and items. Here is what released in that previous update:

  • BR Class – Refitter
  • (Uncommon) Sticker – Discard Pile
  • (Rare) Charm – The Works
  • (Rare) Kilo Bolt-Action – Alpine Infinite
  • (Epic) PDW-57 – Airspace
We also have another credit store update just to help celebrate Spring! This one is almost entirely weapon focused and brings back some camos that were previously released around this time period last year. Here are the specifics of what released today in this update:
  • (Uncommon) AK-47 – Easter ’20
  • (Uncommon) XPR-50 – Easter ’20
  • (Uncommon) PDW-57 – Easter ’20
  • (Epic) M21 EBR – Cardboard
New Operator – Alias

This week we are highlighting the most recent draw since it brings with is another brand-new character! You may have seen her by now and the court is still out on whether or not she can knock Urban Tracker off the mantle of fan-favorite female operator, but Alias has arrived.

She focuses on counterespionage and she is kitted out to fit the part. Alias is intelligent, witty, combat ready, and voiced by the talented actress Ally Dixon. You can find her in the recently released Doppelganger Draw and take a look at her in action (sound on for voice over ?):

While Alias has arrived, she currently does not have her unique voice over heard in the video above. That will be releasing later in an update and thanks to the many folks who have already reached out to inquire about that! We’ll make a note of it in a future update once her VO is released.

March Weapon Changes
We made some weapon changes a week ago and since then we’ve seen many requests to share the specifics of what has changed. Our weapon designers, on top of working on the massive number of changes in public test build, gathered that information. Here is what we changed in the live version:

To help address feedback about this weapon feeling a bit weak on launch, we have adjusted this to make it easier to use overall and generally a more competitive weapon.

  • Increased bullet velocity
  • Optimized recoil, more stable
  • Increased range
  • Reduced weapon shake when being hit
  • Adjusted damage variables when hitting different body parts
  • Increased bullet spread when hip firing

We saw that this SMG was not often considered competitive among other options in the class. After looking through the causes of that we focused on increasing mobility. Here are the specifics:

  • Increased range
  • Increasing precision of ADS and hip fire, better recoil control

This weapon on the other hand has been a bit too strong, but we don’t think it requires significant nerfs and instead just small changes to help make it feel more balanced. We are going to keep observing this one to see if further adjustments are required, but for now only this one change was made:

  • Decreased hip fire precision

Attachment adjustment

Monolithic suppressor:

  • Removed movement speed reduction when aiming
  • Increased time to aim weapon when equipped, +7% to +12% (except for SMGs)

Huge suppressor:

  • Removed vertical recoil control
  • Increased time to aim weapon when equipped, 16% to 22%

MIP light barrel (short) for Man-O-War

  • Increased movement speed +2% to +3%
  • Increased vertical recoil control: +6% to 7.8%

Of course there are a significant of other changes being tested in the public test build, but these are the most recent ones that have been released on the global version of the game.


Download Latest Call of Duty Mobile Public Beta APK

Moreover, a new public beta build is now also available for download. While this is only available for Android as of now, you will soon be able to get it for the Apple devices as well. So stay tuned! Here is what’s new with the public build:

Public Test Build
The focus of this test is to adjust the balance of weapons. The primary goal is to create a stronger balance of weapon types by adjusting the weapon’s settings. Through these changes we hope to ensure that gameplay supports many different weapon options, tactics, and gameplay styles.

Here are all of the details below:

  • Begins today on March 29th (PT)
  • Test end date TBD
  • Available for Android devices only
  • Download Size: 2 gigabytes, Wifi connection is highly recommended
  • Player Registration Limit: 30,000 – 40,000
  • Content suited for ages 16+
  • All information and player data collected during this test will be deleted

The key objectives are as follows for each weapon type:

  • SMG – Strengthen close-range position through damage and mobility, while optimizing bullet trajectory to ensure viability at other distances.
  • ASSAULT – Strengthen the range and accuracy to ensure a superior combat range of 15-30 meters. Improve weapon differentiation in terms of bullet trajectory, handling, and recoil.
  • LMG – Strengthen the accuracy and damage efficiency of LMGs to ensure that suppression is possible at 30 meters away while also strengthening the capabilities at different ranges.
  • SNIPER – Optimize the attributes of sniper attachments, provide more combinations of attachments, and weaken the advantages of snipers in close range combat.

There are a wide variety of changes, adjustments, and improvements in this test to help achieve those goals of creating more weapon variability, better SMG mobility, and stronger overall weapon balance.

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to give feedback about weapons, then now is your chance! Jump in, join the test, and let us know what you think of the changes. Thanks to everyone in advance who joins the test and contributes to this goal of improving weapon balance!

APK Download Public Beta

Download Call of Duty Mobile – Day of Reckoning APK + OBB Files

Here we have listed the latest Call of Duty Mobile – Day of Reckoning APK that comes directly from the developers Activision Publishing, Inc. The game is free to play. So it is available publicly. The following files are completely safe to download. You can check and verify the MD5 checksum or scan it through VirusTotal software.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
Call of Duty Mobile Season 4
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

APK Download

Install the COD Mobile APK first. Extract the OBB zip to get a folder called com.activision.callofduty.shooter and place it under Android > OBB folder. You will also find a patch OBB file there.

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