Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro MIUI 12 update

A couple of month ago, Xiaomi announced their latest firmware update called MIUI 12 in April 2020. They showed off their new features and optimizations included in their latest MIUI 12 update. Xiaomi also gave us a schedule for when their phones will be getting the new firmware update. However, at the time of writing, we already have MIUI 12 for Xiaomi Mi 10 and 10 Pro available for download.

The MIUI 12 has a lot of new features and comes with a revamped user interface. We can see improvements in the overall smoothness of the animations and system elements; practicality the UX. The design and animations have also been revamped with MIUI 12. We also get new navigation gesture system. So users can now download the latest MIUI 12 update for Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro from the links below and install it manually.

The Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro are the flagships of the Xiaomi smartphone line up. They are powered by flagship-level hardware having Snapdragon 865 with 8 GB of RAM. The latest update for Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro has build number as MIUI V12.0.1.0.QJBCNXM and is around 820 MB in size. It is based on Android 10. As the update was first spotted on the Chinese variant so the update changelog was in Chinese. Here we have translated it to English for better understanding.

Android 11 for Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro based on MIUI 12

While this MIUI 12 update is based on Android 10, Xioami recently tweeted that Android 11 is coming to Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro as well!

Full changelog of the MIUI 12 update for Mi 10 and Mi 10 pro

System Vision Design

– Brand new visual design, cross language and culture
– Miscellaneous layout, clearer content level

Super wallpaper

– New brand new super wallpapers are added to break the boundaries of space and touch imagination at your fingertips
– Fix the problem of the color protection of the status bar of the super wallpaper in the dark mode

Enhanced privacy protection

– Added the world’s first mobile phone that passed the Android system enhanced privacy protection test system
– Add virtual identity ID, close your finances or reset your personal settings at any time
– Added support for setting bits to grant permissions during application use
– Added support for setting permissions to allow for this run
– Add the three-party application of Guancai to obtain phone permissions
– New blank pass support to return empty information to the application, protecting privacy
– New application to use recording, presentation, positioning permissions, real-time in the status bar remind
– Added safe sharing, sharing life, but not sharing privacy
– New application behavior records, all privacy behaviors are recorded, and loyal Present to you
– Added MIUI privacy website online, go to privacy.miui.com to learn How Xiaomi protects your privacy
– Optimized the start-up control of punching style, completely prohibiting mutual wake-up of application background

Floating window

– Added floating notifications for drop-down chat apps, instantly transforming into a small free window
– New mini window function, you can hang the application crystal to the foreground and keep it running
– Added support for pushing the app to the upper right corner of the screen under full screen gestures
– New Add a small window application bar on the recent task page, you can master at any time Start small window
– Optimization Long press the application card of the recent task, support local split screen and small window function

Long time AI call

– Added Xiaoai classmates to help you answer the phone automatically
– Added custom opening and presenting opening words, which can be played automatically when the other party is connected
– Newly added smart press to call, can set the first greeting

Xiaomi Health

– New brand new Xiaomi Health, everyone can easily record health data
– New sleep detection algorithm added, the phone can automatically detect deep Light sleep and snoring
– Added support for synchronizing the sports records of Xiaomi watches and the measurement of Xiaomi body fat scale 2 Measure
– New standing assistant, automatic detection record and remind standing, help you stay away Sedentary hazard
– New Perform a health assessment on your health records
– New self-developed low-power Al motion algorithm, which can be automatically recorded in the pocket of the phone
– Record walking, running, cycling, climbing stairs and other sports

Control center

– New Sliding from the upper right corner of the screen to call up a new control center
– Added natural dynamic small back to the label, vivid every time you click
– Optimize the synchronization of the new and old versions for quick opening sequence
– Do the call center away from the call
– Optimize the first card to increase long press jump
– Fix the problem that the brightness sacrifice cannot be used after pulling down the control center for the first time
– Fix the problem of Gaussian fuzzy failure when pulling down the control center for the first time
– Fix the problem that the old control center’s quick opening order is abnormal
– Fixed occasional bone play issue when switching SIM cards
– Fix accessibility function not available in edit mode Wu title

Xiaomi File transfer

– Newly added a device that has recently sent files from friends, with a built-in display in a short time
– Function of Three barrier-free services
– Added Xiaomi Room Sound to help the hearing impaired communicate with the world

Dark mode

– Newly added three ways to use it can also perfectly darken, to achieve a more extreme dark Pattern experience
– Add automatic contrast function, lower the contrast in low light, more fold at night eye
– Added fine-tuned system weight in dark mode to reduce glare and blur
– New smart dark wallpaper in dark mode, body horse is more comfortable

Vientiane Breath

– New information screen can be used to customize the movie, you control your personality
– Add history function, don’t miss every wonderful
– Fix the issue of Nisi Sharp screen content on the occasional screen interface

Smart travel

– Added time-consuming road conditions and route recommendation functions from the airport to the railway station
– Added travel footprint function to record every city and country you have visited
– Add a search function to create a travel list
– New function of opening baldness at train arrival station

Xiaomi Business Hall

– Added support for current SIM card call charge and flow data query
– Added support for saving frequently used numbers for quick recharge and data purchase
– Added support for calling card collection and purchase

Health System

– Update Google security patch (2020#05) to improve system security


– Added no full screen when calling in full screen


– Newly differentiate promotion SMS based on content, less disturbing Day as
– Delete After switching to the avatar space, the screen and the breathing screen are accented

Health bar Status bar, notification bar

– New, new revision, refreshing upgrade
– Optimization Mixed password solution sharp pen style
– The status of the low battery prompt in the status bar is consistent with the low battery pop-up window
Optimization notification column sorting rules
– Fix the problem that the name of Tiantong Kaiping cauldron is still fat


– Added dynamic back bidding, which brings wonderful levels and brings joy to the next round
– Add a new back to the standard to delete the moving point, blooming wonderful
– New gravitational moving point design, return to the desktop naturally and smoothly as


– Added 2000 sets of Vientiane breathing screens


– Added smooth zoom function in video recording
– New photo document mode supports automatic cropping, black and white & enhanced effects Management and automatic shadow elimination
– New camera interface, new interactive experience and dynamic design
– Added full-screen shooting, support customizing the first screen function, customizing sound effects X乂, color custom shop
– Added voice-activated camera function Use camera”, “Eggplant” to achieve voice-activated camera
– Added Al Magic Doppelganger to quickly shoot into a film, support taking pictures and videos
– The smoothness of the stabilizer zoom in video recording
– Optimize Menu life style, resolution / point selection operation is more convenient
– Optimize the camera quick zoom axis, a quick zoom
– Optimize the function of moving photos when the photo switch is turned on


– New data board and details for the last four weeks
– Optimization New design, clear data, healthy use of mobile phones to understand yourself
– Time spent starting
– Added a new weather background moving point, close to nature does not have to be just in front of the windowˋ


– Added privacy protection to understand and manage privacy in one place
– New business model, Changyan can also easily use Xiaomi mobile phone
– Added Full Screen Gesture 3.0, slide the bottom prompt line left and right to quickly Switch leather

File manager

– New shortcut operation at the bottom of the page, Chang float, quickly complete the format teacher selection, Sorting method and face-to-face switching


– Added horizontal screen view, greater visibility
– Newly added moving points such as pull-down of monthly view and creation of schedule, silky smooth
– New schedule card, adding a sense of ceremony for each anniversary


– Newly added naive support to merge into folders, feeding is more convenient
– Newly add weak and dynamic education, pleasing to the eye
– New to-do completion points, cheers for every achievement
– New to-do support to add to-do list, make a list, everything is clear

Game acceleration

– New high-energy moment, record every moment of Ning Yao
– New game voice change, a variety of sound effects to choose at will

House Keeper

– Added a new interface animation design, natural enemies like comfort
– New smart home warning, home safety, Tianxin is not worried
– New video toolbox, your good helper
– Optimize the display effect of the privacy password verification page interface

Xiaomi Cloud Service

– New cloud service supports families sharing the same space

Download Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro MIUI update

Here are the full OTA download links of MIUI 12 global stable ROM for Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro based on Android 10. Currently, we only have the Mi 10 Pro link available. Stay tuned for Mi 10!

How to install: Global Stable ROM for K20 Pro.

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