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Google released Pixel 4 back in 2019 with a bunch of new software features and apps alongside Android 10. Some of the new features were exclusive to their own Pixel 4 lineup. One particular key feature we are interested in this post here is the enhanced Google Assistant 2.0. It is not an ordinary assistant what we have on any Android smartphones. Here is a guide on how to get the new Google Assistant 2.0 on any Android device.

Google Assistant features new Live Caption like capabilities which can transcribe every audio or video running on your phone screen. Most importantly, the new update stores the data locally within the app itself. Meaning that the the assistant will process and translate even without any internet connection. Certain things can be done using the new assistant offline. Apart from this, it has a new transparent UI which allows less interruption when summoned in between any other app. Since it works offline the speed of the assistant is phenomenally quick. In fact, Google claims that the new assistant works 10x faster than the previous generations of the assistant.

Moreover, a major feature in the new Assistant is Continued Conversation. It simply allows to have a conversation in a continued way without the need to shout “Hey Google” again and again. Google will keep the microphone on for a few seconds in case you have anything else to ask. You have to manually turn on Continued Conversation for the Pixel 4’s new assistant in Assistant settings. Besides all this the new assistant is also better integrated with some of the google apps like Google chrome, Photos and Gmail.

Here is the working of the new Google Assistant 2.0 :

YouTube video

How to install the new Google Assistant 2.0?

Notes: All this can be integrated within your Android device as well. However, this procedure requires root via Magisk Manager and a module installed on your device. Apart from that, this has been tested working on Pixel-based ROMS like Pixel Experience. You can also try it on other custom ROMS like AOSP based ROMs, Lineage OS based ROMS, Android GSI.


There are some requirements which you should have ready before starting the process they is mentioned below.

  • Your smartphone should be running any of the Pixel-based ROM.
  • You should have your Android Rooted via latest Magisk installed.
  • Download the files provided below and keep it in your phone’s internal storage.


Steps to install new Google Assistant 2.0

  • Set the preferred language of your device and the assistant as English US only.
  • Open Magisk Manager app on your phone and open the hamburger menu.
  • Select the Modules option.
  • Click on Plus button at the bottom.
  • Select the file named as “”.
  • After flashing is finished do not reboot go back and follow the same procedure to flash the file “Magisk hide props conf”.
  • After you have finished flashing both the files reboot your phone.
  • Now force stop the Google App and clear the data of the Google App.
  • Now call the Google Assistant manually.
  • It will prompt you to download the new assistant click on download it should take a while to download( around 500mb).
  • Now try to call the assistant and you must see the new transparent UI of the google assistant. But it’s not completely in your phone as of now follow the below steps to get it completely.
  • Now use any of the root file explorers and copy the downloaded file “GEL.GSAPrefs.xml” to >> data/data/ and replace it with the older one.
  • Go to the properties of the folder “shared_prefs “Set the permissions of shared_prefs folder as 551 (dr-xr-x–x).
  • Finally, Force stop the Google App once again and that’s it now you have the new google assistant from Pixel 4.

You can even check out the video tutorial on how to get new assistant 2.0 right below by Youtube channel Hydra:

YouTube video

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