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Recently, due to COVID-19 lockdown Google has seen a surge in traffic across their apps and services. So the search giant had to restrict YouTube video streaming services to 480p in India and some other Asian countries as well. More western countries may be added in the future including the United States and European region as well. This means that users streaming videos on their Android phones can no longer watch High definition (HD) YouTube videos irrespective of their internet speeds or the resolution of their screens.

However, this is only for the YouTube Android app and in Asian region only. Even the stunning Adfree YouTube Premium client called Youtube Vanced has been affected by this. This is where the latest version of NewPipe comes into play. Here we have an alternative solution for users to watch the videos in High Definition. Using the latest Newpipe APK provided below, all the Android users can watch Youtube videos in HD, FHD, UHD, and even in 4K resolution. The app is not affected by the recent Youtube capping at 480p. So download and install latest NewPipe v0.19.0.

Stream in High definition using Newpipe

Google had to cap videos to 480p due to recent hike in the usage of YouTube and to cut high bandwidth usage. So henceforth, users won’t be able to play the videos in HD 1080p or even 720p regardless of the uploaded video resolution; let alone 4K or UHD. Users are capped to stream videos at 480p only. Unless, of course, you use NewPipe’s latest v0.19.0

NewPipe App as an alternative to Youtube – Watch videos in high resolution

NewPipe is an open-source project and is free to use. The app itself is very light which means it will consume less battery and less memory too. The app provides Ad-free Youtube video streaming in HD and users can also play YouTube videos in the background. Moreover, you can also download YouTube videos. While we do not encourage downloading YouTube content, you can still use it for personal use.

NewPipe trending list

NewPipe app can also be used as an alternative to other music streaming apps like Spotify and Youtube Music, users won’t be required to pay anything for a subscription. The app supports multiple downloads of videos. There’s an option to download only audio from a video which users can listen to them whenever they want even without an internet connection.

Users can also import their existing Youtube subscriptions and can get the feeds and uploads of the channels. The app also offers grouped subscription videos. It will group the videos of a particular channel into one tile making it clutter-free. There are a lot of extra features provided by the app users can download and try them.


What’s new with latest NewPipe v0.19.0 APK?

Moreover, with the latest NewPipe v0.19.0, you get new features like – Group your channels, Mute your videos, Fast-mode, “What’s New” videos’ order fixed and many other improvements.

Feed Groups:

What’s New now shows the latest videos first! Also includes a Mute button:

mute main

Some features of NewPipe are:

  • Open source
  • Degoogled
  • No ads
  • Privacy friendly
  • Background player
  • Download it as audio or video
  • Video pop up
  • SoundCloud integrated in it ( no need of separate SoundCloud app)
  • Download SoundCloud tracks

Latest NewPipe APK Download

Here you will find the latest NewPipe APK including the latest one v0.19.0. Moreover, users can also download the upcoming NewPipe v0.19.1

Know more about the NewPipe App

  • Users who want to know more about NewPipe and its features can head to the link.
  • Here is the official blogpost source for the NewPipe 0.19.0
  • All the developer heads can have a look over the Github Project link

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