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The year 2019 has been everything about dark mode. Google released dark mode for several of their apps including Chrome, stock Search app, Android Messages, YouTube, and even the latest Android 10 OS. Facebook’s Instagram along with Snapchat also support the native dark mode for Android. In fact, Apple and Google baked the dark mode in their OS through which users can get system-wide dark mode.

However,  Google’s dark mode hasn’t really been the dark mode it’s more likely dark grey if we look at the apps like Google Keep, Google Photos, Google Play store etc. Same goes for the latest Whatsapp APK with dark mode. So if you feel like its not an actual dark mode and expecting something like true black, then get the AMOLED Black Whatsapp APK theme on your Android phones, tablets, and more. Head over to the detailed instructions below on how to get it along with some stunning screenshots as well.

If a smartphone is having AMOLED display then users should get the full benefit of it as in AMOLED displays the actual dark mode just turns off the pixels in black part and rest of the app works as it should. This saves a good amount of battery and results in inky black which looks very much eye appealing. Not only this but it also helps our eyes in using the phone at night.

How to get AMOLED black Whatsapp theme on your Android phone?

Now, before you go ahead, make sure that the procedure requires a rooted phone. This is because we are going to use a stunning theming app called Swift Installer. It is a paid app. We are not listing a modded WhatsApp Amoled black APK here because we haven’t found a trusted developer doing so. This is the safest option in getting black theme for WhatsApp for Android.

(Note- The Swift Installer app is a paid app but its worth buying. This is because will also turn Playstore, Snapchat, Hangouts, Google messages and more into black  theme. Or any given accent color of your choice; including system-wide Amoled black.


  • The phone should be rooted with Bootloader unlocked. Here is a tutorial on how to root and unlock the Bootloader.
  • The latest version of TWRP should be installed on the phone. Link on how to install TWRP is here.
  • . If it’s not rooted and you want to know how to do it click on the link.

Get the AMOLED black-themed WhatsApp following this method

  • Next, if you have got your phone rooted then you must download Swift Installer app from Play Store.
  • Launch the app select the accent colour you want across the system including Whatsapp. Here we choose black.
  • So select black in the dark background options. See screenshot for the reference.

Swift Installer App

  • Click on the red circle at the bottom right corner and click on continue editing.
  • You should get a screen showing the list of apps installed on your phone.
  • Scroll down and select Whatsapp from the list. See reference screenshot below.

Select Whatsapp from the list

  • After selecting Whatsapp from the list click on the red circle again at the bottom right corner and then click on install.

Click on install

  • The app will prompt you to restart the device click on Reboot Now. That’s it you are good to go now after rebooting you will see the WhatsApp as pitch-black, enjoy. Also below are the screenshots of how Whatsapp dark black will look.

NOTE: You can also get AMOLED black for other apps also like Snapchat, Google Keep, Google Playstore, Google Keep, Hangouts, Google Duo, Drive and many more using this method.

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