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Samsung officially announced their highly appreciated One UI 2.0 OS at the recent Samsung Developer Conference 2019 held just about a week ago. You can update your latest galaxy S-series phones to Android 10 using the One UI 2.0 beta program right now. Samsung’s beta program is currently live for the Galaxy S10e, S10, and the S10 Plus for both Exynos and Snapdragon variants. Today, the South Korean smartphone giant released the 3rd beta OTA update for the One UI 2.0 firmware based on Android 10. It features major improvements to the system and several bug fixes. So checkout the complete changelog from below and download the latest One UI 2.0 beta 3 OTA update based on Android 10 for Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 Plus.

The new Android 10 Beta 3 update features new firmware build numbers G970FXXU3ZSK3 for the Galaxy S10e (SM-G970F), G973FXXU3ZSK3 for the S10 (SM-G973F), and G975FXXU3ZSK3 for the Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975F). The update is currently live in the regions of Europe, Asia, and South Korea. Spotted in countries like the UK, Poland, Germany, India, and more. It features critical bug fixes, major system improvements, and updated apps.

The same will come to the Snapdragon variants (USA variants) of the Galaxy S10 series anytime soon now. So stay tuned! The Galaxy S10 may feature builds – G975USQU2ZSK3 for the Galaxy S10 Plus (SM-G975U), G973USQU2ZSK3 for the Galaxy S10 (SM-G973U) and G970USQU2ZSK3 for the Galaxy S10e (SM-G970U). Here is the screenshot of the latest One UI 2.0 beta update.

Android 10 Beta 3 for Exynos Galaxy S10 Plus ota update

What’s new with Android 10 beta 3 for Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ (One UI 2.0)

The size of this new OTA update comes in a large package of about 566 MB in size. The latest beta update brings many new bug fixes and major system improvements to the latest Android 10 beta for the Galaxy S10. Here is the complete changelog for OneUI 2.0 Beta 3 officially rolling out in the regions of Europe, Asia, North America (United States), and South Korea. Spotted in countries like the UK, Poland, Germany, India, and more.

Here are the bug fixes from the 3rd beta of Android 10 for the Samsung Galaxy S10 series devices:

  • Quick panel icons disappear and just a blue color is displayed in its place
  • Nothing happens when trying to swipe down to open notification bar when device is in landscape
  • Device switches to another app when trying to change the language by swiping on the space bar
  • Time does not change in real time on AOD clock screen
  • AOD fingerprint icon disappears – Dark mode is applied even if user do not select dark mode when using battery saving mode
  • Tips and user manual app force closes
  • The volume button does not work properly when adjusting the volume
  • Device automatically changes to dark mode even though there is a lot of battery left
  • When removing a previously set alarm, the icon still is present on the notification bar
  • When the screen is turned off and turned on while running the app, the status bar disappears
  • Force close of Galaxy Store occurs when applying new fonts
  • The photos in the security folder disappeared
  • Finder app has disappeared
  • The apps saved in the folder have disappeared
  • Glitched Home screen’s operation with gestures
  • Videos are not visible in video library
  • Nothing is recorded when trying to record via voice recording
  • The icon is not visible in the status bar when wifi is connected
  • Battery usage history’s graph in device care is reversed when charging and not charging
  • Some themes are not applied in edge lighting’s setting
  • Continuous flashing of screen rotation icon
  • No clock on the lock screen
  • ‘Data service is not supported’ error message
  • Keyboard stabilization
  • Camera stabilization
  • Gallery stabilization
  • Message stabilization
  • Stabilization of recent app view
  • Includes other modifications

Here are all the new changes that will come to the stable One UI 2.0 firmware, introduced by Samsung:

YouTube video

Also see:

Download One UI 2.0 Beta 3 for Samsung Galaxy S10e/S10/S10+ based on Android 10

Updated: One UI 2.0 beta 3 download links for Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+ are now available for download.

While you can still update your Samsung devices to Android 10 using Samsung Members app, we also have the OTA update zip files using which you can manually update your phones. This is especially useful if your device or region is not supported for the beta program.

Following we have listed the official Android 10 OTA file for the Exynos Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 Plus variants. The OTA is live for all the Exynos variants currently selected in the beta program.

Downloads from beta 2 (hotfix) to beta 3

This OTA will take your device from beta 2 Hotfix to beta 3 on your Exynos S10 going from build ZSJL to ZSK3.

Downloads from Samsung Servers:

How to install? Checkout the SD card installation method listed in our previous posts listed below.

Previous downloads:

You may also need to know how to restore Samsung Galaxy devices back to stock Android 9 Pie. We will also list Android 10 beta 3 for Exynos and Snapdragon Galaxy S10, S10e, S10 Plus variants. So stay tuned!

If you missed, checkout more about the One UI 2.0 update from SDC 19:

YouTube video

Thanks to henklbr for the links.

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17 responses

  1. Rahansixtynine Gapps Avatar
    Rahansixtynine Gapps

    For some reason, the adb sideload from beta 2 to beta 3 doesn’t work for me. adb devices doesn’t recognize my phone in recovery even though it does when the system is booted.

    1. WikusK Avatar

      I also had this when i tried to sideload Beta 2. I think its something with Android 10 not being recognised by Windows etc…. but the SD card method in stock recovery working 100

  2. Heathcliffe George Petersen Avatar
    Heathcliffe George Petersen

    Google Play Store still shows my Samsung S10 as uncertified after the beta 3 update…will this change as the beta updates come out???

    1. AndroidSage Avatar

      See if you have enabled OEM unlocking in Developer Options. If yes, disable it.

  3. WikusK Avatar

    Great stuff…. Waiting for S10e OTA….. Thanks guys

  4. WikusK Avatar

    Hi guys, thanks for bringing us the updates. Any idea when Beta 3 will be ready for S10e?

    1. AndroidSage Avatar

      Hi. Sorry for the delay. The post has been updated! Checkout now.

      1. WikusK Avatar

        Thanks alot! Great stuff, i saw literally 10 mins after i posted, it was shared. So happy. Thanks AS!

  5. Gods Avatar

    Hi guys, when I try to update from beta 2 to beta 3 via SD card, it gives me the error that the system partition has some unexpected content. It’s a status 7 error, and just aborts the installation

    1. Tony Stark Avatar
      Tony Stark

      and the same error appears on my phone s10e

      1. SpPes Avatar

        Same here on s10e,
        did someone found a way to install the update?

        1. Gods Avatar

          Yes, win10 does not recognize android 10 on ADB yet. Do it via the SD card method. It works just as fine.

          1. Gods Avatar

            and you need to update from beta 2 to beta 2 hotfix first. After that you can update to beta 3.

          2. Gods Avatar

            and you need to update from beta 2 to beta 2 hotfix first. After that you can update to beta 3.

  6. Sonny Bonde Larsen Avatar
    Sonny Bonde Larsen

    why are you saying you provide the, when in fact it is .bin files you link to..?

  7. Zizo Ayman Avatar
    Zizo Ayman

    Is there any mirror link??

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