Download Latest OTA updates for OnePlus 7 Pro with Oxygen OS 9.5.4 Global and Oxygen OS 9.5.5 EU

OnePlus 7 Pro is now receiving yet another OTA update across the globe with Oxygen OS 9.5.4 for global variants in countries like United States, India, and more. Another update is for the EU variants with Oxygen OS 9.5.5. At the launch, the manufacturer did say there will be different OTA updates for different regions and variants. The United States with 5G variant and Indian 4G variant will also be receiving regional Oxygen OS updates including India exclusive update too. Same goes for European countries like France, Germany, Italy, and more. So download and install latest Oxygen OS 9.5.4 for global and Oxygen OS 9.5.5 for EU variants.

The latest OTA update features huge improvements to the camera. The NightScape 2.0 has been upgraded significantly in this camera update. This includes improvements to the image quality in HDR scenarios and in low light, fixed the white balance and focus issue in several scenarios. Other system improvements include optimized ‘Double Tap to Wake’ and ‘Ambient Display’ features. This also fixed the issue where the audio would be delayed at times on the Bluetooth headset when playing games. Rest are general bug fixes and improvements

What’s new with Oxygen OS 9.5.4 Global and Oxygen OS 9.5.5 EU?

  • System
    • Optimized Double Tap to Wake and Ambient Display
    • Fixed an issue that causes an audio delay with the Bluetooth headset when playing games
    • General bug fixes and improvements
  • Camera
    • Improved image quality in HDR scenarios
    • Improved image quality in low light
    • Fixed white balance issue in several scenarios
    • Fixed focus issue in several scenarios

However, despite several bug fixes, it’s still skeptical whether the following bugs have been fixed or not. According to OnePlus forum bug hunters, the users have been reporting several issues with the OnePlus 7 Pro such as:

  1. Ghost Touch Issue on 3rd party Applications
  2. Battery drain and Heating issue
  3. Selfie camera pops up while getting an incoming video call, the camera pops up even if the Device is the pocket
  4. MMS messaging not working with Inland Cellular(carrier) on my One Plus 7 Pro.
  5. An issue with Incoming calls for the users using Verizon Network: Unable to accept incoming calls from Verizon iPhones.
  6. Ghost Touch Issue on CPU-Z Application

As you can see these are some critical bugs found in OnePlus 7 Pro. We don’t know yet whether the bugs have been fixed in Oxygen OS 9.5.4 Global and Oxygen OS 9.5.5 EU or not. If not, then the bugs will hopefully soon be fixed. So stay tuned for further updates!

Download OnePlus 7 (Pro) OTA updates – Oxygen OS 9.5.4 Global and Oxygen OS 9.5.5 EU

Before you download, here are the different variants of OnePlus 7 Pro:

Update packages with build GM21AA are for the following variants:

  • GM1911: India
  • GM1917: Global/US Unlocked (?)

Update packages with build GM21BA are for the following variants:

  • GM1913: EU

Update packages with build GM31CB are for the following variants: (not available at this moment)

  • GM1915: T-Mobile

Incremental OTA updates download:

For USA variant except T-Mobile:

For OnePlus 7 Pro GM21AA build for GM1917 model:

Full stock firmware downloads:

The full stock firmware updates are not yet available. We will update the links as soon as available. So stay tuned.

For OnePlus 7 Pro GM21AA variant:

For OnePlus 7 Pro GM21BA variant:


For OTA updates, simply go to Settings app > System Updates > Check for OTA updates. It will automatically download and install the updates, if  available.

How to install Oxygen OS incremental OTA update and full stock firmware?

For those of you who are now familiar with Oxygen OS updates, the manufacture makes the latest updates publicly available to the customers so you can also download them to your phone storage and update manually. There are two types of update. One is the incremental OTA update zip (smaller in size) and another is the full stock firmware (larger in size).

You can easily install the full stock firmware package or full ROM zips via Local Upgrade method. Alternatively, you can also grab the OTA update zips and install it using stock recovery method or ADB sideload method listed here. However, this only works in the same channel.

See the detailed installation instructions from our previous post of Oxygen Os 9.5.3 for OnePlus 7 Pro.

How to download OTA update for OnePlus 7 Pro?

If you don’t want to go through all the trouble of how to install the OTA updates or flash the full stock firmware manually, then you can simply capture the Over-The-Air update zip using this tutorial below:

Now generally, the Oxygen OS OTA updates are live on the Canadian or German servers first. So all you need to do is download a VPN app, set the location to Canada or Germany and then check for OTA updates. Here is how to do it:

  • Download a VPN app from Play Store like Proton, Turbo etc that has Canada or Germany.
  • Launch the VPN app.
  • Now, change your location to Canada or Germany.
  • On your phone, go to settings > system updates > check for OTA updates.
  • Download latest Oxygen OS OTA update and install it.


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