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Google recently updated its stock camera app on the Play Store to version 6.2; which is exclusive to the Pixel series phones. Ever since, Gcam mod developers have been porting this new and updated camera APK to different devices. For instance, you can find one for the Xiaomi Poco F1. Here is another latest Gcam 6.2 mod port for all the Google Pixel series devices. The main benefit of this mod is that the previous generation Pixel phones can enjoy features that are rather exclusive to the Pixel 3. Moreover, you will find many customization options and settings for the Pixel 3 as well for the stock Google Camera APK. So download and install Pixel 3 Gcam Mod v6.2 for Pixel phones.

The new update comes with some exciting  new features like “Dark Mode” – that respects the “Night Mode” settings found in the latest Android Q Developer Options. You will also find the new “Measure Mode” using which you can  measure the length of objects using your mobile camera. Selfie flash and AI kissing detection for the Pixel 3 are the latest additions to the stock Google Camera 6.2. You can now also mute the camera shutter sound entirely form camera settings.

Thanks to developer cstark, here we have the latest Gcam 6.2 mod for the Google Pixel phones with features like night sight, top shot, slow motion 240 FPS (1080p), photo-booth, motion auto focus, RAW support, new panorama UI, portrait mode, AR stickers, Super Res Zoom, ZSL HDR+, HDR+ Enhanced, Video recording upto 4K 30FPS, Photosphere, and much more.

Download Google Camera 6.2 Pixel 3 Gcam mod

Updated: Google Camera v6.2.030 APK is now available for download with new features.

The working Gcam 6.2 APK is here for the Pixel series phones from the recognized developer cstark. Gcam Mods have been created and developed by recognized developers BSG, Arnova, TlnNeun, and many others who are constantly contributing to the development. This latest Google Camera port comes with file named: P3v11_GoogleCamera_6.2.024.apk

APK downloads:

Arnova’s latest Gcam 6.2 APK:

Default Settings:

  • Portrait Zoom options
  • Off / Pixel 2 & 3 Default (1.5x rear, 1.2x front) / Pixel 3a Default (2x rear, 1.2x front)
  • Night Sight
  • Permanent Night Sight Suggestion
  • Increase Tripod Capture Time
  • Increases the frame count and exposure time when the phone is steadily mounted, in Night Sight.
  • Toggle of AI AWB in HDR Enhanced
  • Top Shot toggle (must use Google Photos DayDream to view them)
  • Photobooth toggle
  • Focus Tracking toggle
  • Not recommended. Focus Tracking cannot be disabled for only Video at the moment, and if you enable it in Video it breaks EIS on the Pixel 2 and probably Pixel 1.

Experimental features included:

  • HDR+ Config options – Choose pre-selected options
  • Pixel Visual Core HDR+ Config toggle – Not recommended
  • Super Res Always On – Recommended to use Super Res everywhere possible

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